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FFXIV 2.2 Patch Notes (Preliminary)

Patch 2.2 contains myriad additions and refinements to the realm of Eorzea. Players seeking the thrill of combat can face off with Leviathan or brave the new twists and turns of the Binding Coil. Artisans can try their hand at demanding new recipes, and master anglers can reel in legendary denizens of the deep. From new dealings with the beast tribes to new dances sweeping the land, there is much to see and more to do in the ever-changing realm of Eorzea!

Quest New main scenario quests have been added.
Quest NameRequired Level and Location
Still Waters Disciple of War or Magic level 50
The Rising Stones (X:6 Y:5)
NPC: Minfilia
A Final Temptation Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Western Thanalan (X:22 Y:17)
NPC: Thancred
The Mother of Exiles Disciple of War or Magic level 50
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FFXIV Glamours and Gear Preview (New Trailer added!)


An adventurer's journey is a never-ending one, as they quest for greater spoils to better arm themselves against the dangers of Eorzea. Today's patch preview offers a peek at Gerolt's masterworks and the new Glamours system, allowing players to gain both the power they desire and a style to match.Gerolt's Masterworks

A host of new gear will be available in patch 2.2, offering players the edge they need to overcome the new challenges that await them. Among that new gear are Gerolt's masterworks, a new set of gear obtainable through the exchange of Allagan tomestones of soldiery.

Gerolt the Weaponsmith
From blacksmithing to carpentry to weaving, all these arts and more were mastered by Gerolt, the renowned artisan whose name once echoed through the...
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LoL Pro Attempts Suicide: Should ESports hosts' actions be closely monitored?

League of Legends Pro Attempted Suicide After Tournament Scandal

Long story short: He used gaming as a means to escape his real life problems - like lots of people do, and he loved League of Legends. After he was trying to play competitively, he was offered a spot in a team to compete only to later found out he was threatened to fix the game and lose. So the guy who brought them to the team could use the fixed losses to gamble and win more money than he invested on loans to buy the 'team' computer equipment and gear.

After his only love in life was destroyed he felt he no longer should be alive. It goes to show you that although silly, it meant a lot to him to play Leagues because he enjoyed it and it was his personal getaway and means to have fun. 


League of Legends player Cheon "Promise" Min-Ki is in serious condition today aft

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FFXIV patch 2.2 overview *updated with trailer* launches 3/27/14!


Driven once more to the brink of turmoil, the realm seeks brave souls who would stand fast against the evils that threaten to pervade it.

Challenge Leviathan, the ravenous deity of the deep summoned forth by the Sahagin. Brave the perilous twists and turns of the Second Coil of Bahamut, and discover what dark Allagan secrets lie buried within. Accompany Hildibrand─agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire─on his latest prodigious case. Forge friendships with the kobolds and Sahagin, gaining insight to their ways of life. Delve into new dungeons and reap their spoils, or seek the lost masterworks of the legendary craftsman Gerolt.

Fortune, glory, and power await those who would venture through the maelstrom and emerge triumphant!

But who am I kidding, you all don't want to read, so her

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