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Blade and Soul Taiwan to enter open beta November 20th

NCSoft just announced the open beta date of Blade & Soul in Taiwan – the beta begins on November 20. Just like the China version and unlike the Korean version, the Taiwanese Blade & Soul is going to be free-to-play. Better yet, it will include some improvements that are bound to make gameplay more enjoyable, such as removing the stamina system and offering permanent costume drops. This version won’t include a VIP system (thanks MMOCulture).

While NCSoft is working on this version, we’re still waiting for news on the Western Blade and Soul versions. We haven’t given up hope yet and we’re willing to admit that NCSoft is targeting 2015 as the release year for Blade & Soul North America and Europe, but we would really love some feedback from the studio. Anything wo

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FFXIV: Heavensward New Primals, Beastmen, Jobs and flying chocobos

At the London Fanfestival, Naoki Yoshida showed off screenshots of new Primals, Jobs, Beastmen and transportation through the floating islands inthe newest heavensward expansion for FFXIV.
The first reveals were the beastmen and their primals:
The first beastman tribe revealed are the insectiod GnathThat worship the Primal (New to the Final Fantasy Series) Ravanabased on the Hindu diety(More information coming soon)
Their guardian diety Ravana
The second beastman tribe to be revealed are the Vanu Vanu (That have been in the 2.2 data files)that worship an old (seemingly unloved) FF summon that makes his appearanceBismark(More information coming soon)
Their guardian diety bismark
The second reveals were the ability to actually fly around the floatingcontinents using airships (Which was expan...
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FFXIV A Realm Reborn: An Inside look at the upcoming 2.4 patch

UPDATE:The official site has updated with more in depth information than my translation from gamewatch providesSquare Enix has released the latest information of the patch"Dreams of Ice" the latest update planned to release this fall.

In addition to being showcased at Tokyo Game ShowSE revealed the new class "Rogue" and job "Ninja", as well as new three dungeons.

For Ninja, one of the class/job quest(s) have been demonstrated, suggesting that the preparation is progressing towards implementation.
(No, yugiri isn't teaching you)


Rogue is a fighter whose main weapon consists of dual-wielded daggers. As guardian of the "law of outlaws", they act much like robin hood, rogues recapture illegal goods, to distribute the wealth to the poor. Also called th...
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FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Patch 2.4 Dungeons, Shiva and TGS Trailer.

Square Enix is preparing for patch 2.4's release pretty soonand like any major patch, SE has to bundle it's announcement withtrailers, class/job previews and new dungeons galore!Patch 2.4 "Dreams of Ice", will contain a new class and job,2 hard mode dungeons, 1 new dungeon and more!Shiva will also make an appearance and will be the last ofthe lesser primals to be challenged against.
TGS Trailer:At the Tokyo Game show, SE showed a familiar trailer that was seen at E3

for FFXIV's PS4 release with a few changes to the ending:

Shiva's Battleground:Shiva's battle ground will be called the "Ahk Afah Amphitheater"A preview of her battle ground is below:(As well as seeing the producer get pwned in 2 hits)
Rogue and Ninja:We have the preview of Ninja and it's rotations.

Ninja will be a branc...
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