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NCSoft Releases Founders Packs To Prepare for Blade and Soul's First Beta Tests

It's not a new thing with F2P titles anymore that publishers throw out founders/patron packages
before the release of a new game to get early access into beta tests and more.
Now some of you might have seen this in your junk folder of your email if you've subscribed
to the newsletters regarding Blade and Soul's beta.

The founders packs start from $25 to $125
to gain things such as access to all betas, early access, titles and more.
There is also premium membership that is granted for buying the Disciple or Master Pack.
(Why not just make the game subscription based if people are going to pay for the complete experience anyway?)
Here's some brief info on what the Subscription Premium membership offers:

"What are Premium Points? What benefits do you get from them?

Premium Points

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FFXIV To Officially Launch in Korea This Friday

South Korea is getting ready for Final Fantasy XIV this friday, will finally launch under publisher Eyedentity Mobile. Korea is the final territory to get FFXIV and the game is to keep the Pay-to-Play model.Producer Naoki Yoshida states that the Korean client is to get faster updates, and will start from patch 2.2.
Hopefully in the land of Free To Play games, FFXIV will make it's mark, as it's hard for games with P2P models to last long.
(Unless you're NCSoft that is)

A trailer to promote FFXIV's launch on friday has been released as well.

Eyedentity Mobile and NVIDIA have also collaborated to promote FFXIV in Korea, with giveaways galore.
Players that purchase a 900 series GPU from NVIDIA will get in-game goodies.
FFXIV has also prepared over 2000 collector's editions for sale.
The c...
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Skyforge: Players Enraged Over Collector's Edition, Wants Refunds for Founders' Packs

Players are feeling absolutely cheated by the announcement of this collector's edition.
But this situation is no different from the Archeage Founder's Pack fiasco of yesteryear.
I honestly thought that people would learn by now.

As quoted from some players:

"Are you freaking kidding me skyforge??? I bought the highest founders and now you give away classes for a collectors? GG mygames. Cheap move"

"Wow......you guys really screwed the pooch on this one....both my wife and I bought the most expensive founders pack you all had...not even cool."

"Really? REALLY? P2W so early and the game isn't even out of Open Beta..."

"First Archeage, now THIS SHIT, I am NEVER paying for a Founders Pack in a game again!"

Skyforge has immediately followed the foot steps of Archeage.
Suddenly following up
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FFXIV Becomes The Second Most Popular MMORPG With 5 Million Subs

At Japan Expo, producer Naoki Yoshida gave the run downof FFXIV's subscriber base, with rather impressing numbers.Not including trial accounts or China's subscriber baseFinal Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn (Now Heavensward) has become the 2nd mostpopular subscription based MMORPG behind World of Warcraft. The numbers come from only those who have at one time or another 
paid the $12.99/$14.99 monthly fee making it a substantial feat.

In it's year and 9 months of service so far, FFXIV has had very impressive feats.
From it's inevitable shutdown in 2010, to being re-made and being the successful MMORPG
that it is today, no one can deny that the game has come a long way.

If FFXIV continues down the road, it just may beat World of Warcraft one day.

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