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New Rift VIP Beta Key Giveaway on MMOsite Facebook

 Hello,there!! New giveaway here!
This is the third round of Rift VIP beta key giveaway. This event will be held on Facebook Page of MMOsite.


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New Round of Rift Beta Key Giveaway has begun!!



Rift: Planes of Telara VIP Beta Access Key Giveaway (Round 2)


More event will be holding for Rift key. BTW, this is Rift vip closed beta key. You can use it to enter the closed beta directly.

And the winner list of the first round is here:


All winners please send me a PM in three days. And then I will send the key codes to you. I need to confirm that the key would not be sent to nobody. XD.

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Win a Rift Access Beta Key on MMOsite Forum

I have received some Rift Access Beta Keys to give away to all MMOsiters. I plan to hold a forum contest to giveaway for Rift. If you are interesting, please stay tuned! 

Contest starts on October 22.

More information about Rift: http://feature.mmosite.com/rift/

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Vindictus Giveaway Event Launched Now

 No talking more nonsense, Here is the event link:


Vindictus Early Access Open Beta Key Giveaway


Reply to Access Vindictus Early Open Beta


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BOOM! BOOM! Vindictus Giveaway Event is Upcoming

Vindictus Giveaway Event is going to start on September 13. I plan to bring you guys 2 event for it.  A forum and a limited giveaway.


Looking forwards that?  Just pay close attention to my blog here or our contest homepage: contest.mmosite.com/


More Vindictus Information please check here.


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Newest contest of this week collecting

 AIKA Online(NA): The Aika Pran Pack Giveaway Event http://contest.mmosite.com/giveaway/aika/   Legendary Champions Closed Beta Key Giveaway http://contest.mmosite.com/giveaway/legendary_champions/   World of Tanks 2nd Closed Beta Key Giveaway



Mission Against Terror(US) Closed Beta Key Giveaway



TLBB(EU): Reply to Win Prizes Worth £75




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Legendary Champions Closed Beta Key Giveaway Event Coming Soon

Long time no see.

There will be a closed beta giveaway event for Legendary Champions. And it will be performed on Sep.1

Here is the information:  forum.mmosite.com/topics/144/201008/25/5526,1.html    


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MicroVolts closed beta key giveaway: Sent out at a incredible speed

I performed a giveaway event for MicroVolts closed beta key. I added 500 keys for this. But now it has been sent out yet. I will added 500 keys. But these are all the keys, no more left. I have to ask official to get more and make some restriction.

By the  way, there is an another cbt giveaway will be perform.The game name is Zone 4. Please pay close attention to.


Here is the contest link: http://contest.mmosite.com/giveaway/microvolts/

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FreeJack Closed Beta key giveaway event is available now!!

 FreeJack Closed Beta key giveaway event is available now!!

Here is the giveaway link: contest.mmosite.com/giveaway/freejack/


I will give away 300 keys everyday. The key is limited...and hot~~~~


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Parkour Racing Game: FreeJack CB Key Giveaway is Under Progress

Today I had been given 1000 FreeJack CBT keys by the game official.  I just knew FreeJack is going to closed beta test.

So I was making the giveaway page for FreeJack. It nearly been completed.

Parkour ~~~The Perfect Exercise.  This game is fantastic. I will try it when the cbt starts.

Parkour  Vedio(best scene)

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