Accretia Mercenary Guide [Dodger type]

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My improvised guide to the:


Hi guys it\'s me again, carizzi17 with a new guide for warriors! Keep in mind that the steps here are pretty complicated and very hard to follow [for some players]. Plus this guide bend the rules of the class so if you\'re not up to unique fighting skills then stop reading this thread.

Job Path:
Accretia - Warrior > Gladius > Mercenary/Warder

Item build:
*Mercy Boots
*Keen 2-Hand melee weaponry
*High-end attack-dodge items

PT build:
must have high RANGE pt, of course shield and melee pt.

Intro to the skills:
Well basically the Gladius class has two skills, one is Mega Shield increases defense [w/ shield, a whole lot - w/o shield, only a little] and the other class skill is Rapid which increases your attack speed.

Mercenary/Warder has the skill Powerful Element which ridiculously increases elemental resistance and Excel Charger which enhances potion performance.

Player\'s Tactics:
Well of course you\'ll be relying on your dodge to kick in on this one so forget your shield and pick up that +7 Hora spear or sword [if you have on that is =)], might as well go for this skill build when going into battle:

GM Bull\'s Eye - increases the rate of landing critical hits.
Rapid - increases your attack speed.
Excel Charger - enhances potion/charger performance.
Powerful Element - increases elemental resistance.
GM Wild Rage - Increases attack power.
GM Accuracy - increases accuracy.
Nimble Joint - increases running speed.
GM Counter - dodges an attack and auto attacks the aggressor who fired dodged attack.

GM Guard Break - ignores a fraction of block rate.
[Only activate Guard Break if challenging a Shield type.]

-Use your Ranger PT to hunt down any runners of course and it also raises attack speed if you\'re wearing ranger armor.

-Rapid will really increase your attack speed so it will help you inflict so much damage to the enemy in a very short period of time.

-Excel Charger will heighten your survivability when taking on enemy groups or stronger enemies.

-Bull\'s Eye, critical hits is a very big threat to any enemy, cancels potion usage of enemy and also movement for a few seconds.

-Guard Break if you\'re challenging a blocker.

-Mercy boots and high-end Dodge accessories is a must if you’re going for the warrior-dodger type.

-Keen weapons, because your job path doesn\'t have any buffs that increases attack power significantly.

It\'s a bit incomplete but I hope you like the guide! Oh and you can always go back to the original mercenary/warder tactic when the battle gets too hot for dodging.

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