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By: PaleLord posted at Jan 26, 2010 1:59 am

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I found that I’ve written articles about Avatar quite a bit, these days. Don’t ask me why, haha. Honestly, I wrote them because I like this movie, and I went 2 times to go to the 3D theater to watch this grand epic. Both times, my feelings are quite different. It always guided me into a long meditation, and inspired me into the MMORPG’s world. So, here is the index of articles that Avatar brought out. 

My first time watching Avatar, the cool visual effects and sci-fi style really blew me and my family away. So I say “Avatar: Sci-fi for the New Millennium”. Click here to learn more. Then, I played Zero Online for a while, an MMO based on sci-fi. Just enjoy the “Epic Robots of Sci-fi MMO Zero Online”. Click here to learn more.
My second time watching Avatar, the wonderful land and well designed Banshee were what I concerned. It isn’t it like the flying mounts in some MMOs? Avatar’s Banshee VS MMO’s Flying Mount, Click here to learn more.  But I think the exploration is never ending, 3 or 4 days later, I wrote the new article: WHEN AVATAR ENCOUNTERS FANTASY MMO, to have a clear comparison. You may find the views are nearly the same. Yep, I write the new one to show my more mature ideas. That’s the evolution. Just like acting a role in an MMO. You are still the character, but you gain a level up from the grinding. Have a look at the new upgrade here. 
That’s all for my Avatar reviews. Thank you!

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