Scarlet blade's sentinel class to be censored

By: End_Break_Fomar posted at Jan 24, 2013 9:56 pm

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Update: Beta version of censorship has colored hexagons instead of drab gray.

Here we are again. Everyone's favorite topic - The censorship of young looking females in a video game. This time

though, it occurs in an adult-ish MMO, Scarlet blade. According to the official "Calming" statement by a GM on the Aeria Games forums, it was because of the appearance of the character model (Source). Fortunately for boob fans all over the world, the prudes who decided to censor an adult game left the other classes uncensored and still with the ability to go naked. I assume this means the exposed nipples are still in also. The game is still in beta (With no NDA), so take all your rage and complain, threaten boycotts, or argue your point at the Aeria Games forum. Also take note that the 3rd censored pic is the sentinel with all clothes off - AKA "Nude" with a cash shop item used (Not my pic). I've included a picture of the whipper character which also used the nude unsealer cash shop item. I had to pixelize that picture of course.



Note that the 2nd set of photos for both the censored and uncensored category are the underwear options for both version in the character create screen. And the next picture is the whipper which is uncensored in our version. Not my picture.

Of course, this wasn't the first pre-emptive censoring of loli in a game, but was it really called for? Legally, in

the US, it is not forbidden to have naked in-game loli's. Though the Sentinel has breasts and hips so, they may or

may not be jail bait depending on which state or country you live in. Then again, it doesn't make sense to censor a

class at all in this game since it is a F2P game after all (Fap to play). This of course mirrors the earlier

censoring of the Elin in Tera, and the removal of the bath mini-game in Mugen Souls. Really, both were in poor form. In Tera, they censored the Elin race by lazily editing the armor skins with plain color textures and copy and paste underwear. The censorship in Scarlet blade is about the same, except it looks like the Sentinel got some sort of ugly grey computer rainbow hexagon disease. My main beef is really the censorship of video games. With video games protected as free speech, it comes back to the localizers. Why censor a

game when you don't have to? Are we going to regress to the SNES era of censorship in the US where beer becomes soda

and cigarettes become nothings that are flicked? Really, I don't think anyone is playing this game for the story. Well there is supposedly Faction vs Faction pvp, but come on. You know everyone just wants to get to the nightclub.

Here's an additional video which shows the alpha version of the Sentinel. The video is not mine.

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