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Well... Honestly- I was going to wait untill a few weeks from now to upload this... But- its come to my attention that there actually is no review of S4 League on this website! (Group gasp) or rather, when using the search bar, one doesnt come up. So, I couldnt let my favorite mmo site go without a decent review of my favorite over the shoulder shooter!


The video review of this game was finished. So check it out here if you want to, or read the written review for whatever odd reason you have. I mean- I have a written review, I figure, might as well post it rather than just the video...... Anyway.  I hope you enjoy and that its informative enough as well, and please comment, I need your help to do more!



S4 League is an online third person shooter featuring an assortment of skills, weapons, and stylish anime graphics. This is actually one of my favorite shooter mmos.

 SPECIAL FEATURES: Skill System:  The skill system allows every player one skill which can be bought in game. The skills range from wings, to a shield blocking all projectiles, to turning temporarily invisible. Almost all skills steadily drain SP while theyre being used and it quickly regenerates when not using any skill. Also, jumping off a wall and dashing use SP. Managing your SP is an important part of gameplay as usually, a few well placed wall jumps can get you out of any situation. Character Customization: Customization is low. 3 shirt colors and 3 pants colors in the beginning, but as you make enough money dozens of clothing items become available along with hair styles of different colors and faces.


PRESENTATION: The Graphics in S4 League are stylish, cool, and fairly detailed. Characters and backgrounds reminiscent of cult hit- Jet Set Radio, the anime graphics are striking and fun to look at. Bright neon and clean colors are a big step away from the drab environments of something like Gunz, and keep the same levels from becoming a pain to look at. Equally as attention grabbing is the music-- techno and electric sounds perfectly match the cyber-world setting. The songs might sound a bit familiar, as well as the narator... is... is that.... DJ max? Actually, the same company made both games and theres even a few character cameos. The music does what its made to, keep you rushing.  Modes: -Team Death Match: Two teams face off to the death, first to get to 40, 80, or 100 kills wins.  -Touchdown: In this teamwork based mode, two rival teams fight to get the ball to the goal. If you die with the ball it could fall to the enemy.  -Chaser: A new mode in which a chosen player is given a massive health bar and the oposing team must take him down, or at the least... survive. The Chaser gets more points if he kills a certain player, so hope your not next on the menu.


COMMUNITY:  Here's a nice surprise. The community in S4 league is actually really nice. I found hackers to be rare, only seeing one every few weeks. Working together with your team counts in, say, touch down matches, and everyone is usually nice. Two disorganized teams make for games that go back and fourth, but the assortment of skills and weapons that heal, put up brick walls, attack players through walls, fly, working together  make for an impossible to break defense. All the skills are equally as important.


 GAMEPLAY: Weapons: The weapons, for the most part, each have thier own pros and cons. For example the weapons that deal alot of damage are also very inaccurate, as is normal for a game like this. Close range weapons are easy to figure out and hard to master. If you miss a big attack with most close range weapons, youll be a sitting duck for just long enough to be killed by anyone with average aim. 

Skills: The skills all make a big difference in gameplay. For the most part, if you hate a certain weapon there is always a skill to help you avoid it. Wings make swords useless in most situations, as do chains which stop an enemy. Shields will make useless pesky snipers, etc

. Level Design: The level design seems to be dedicated to keeping you moving. If you stand still for 20 seconds someone will find you. You'll eventually have to learn the lay out of each level. Rushing in head first at someone or going in certain places makes you very noticeable in a crowded game.  In touchdown, the map design asks for use of skills in the right places to speed up a TD or slow down the other team.

Generally: Gameplay in S4league= FAST. You wont find yourself Kstyling but the gameplay can be unforgiving depending on who your fighting. Missing a close range strike usually ends up in death. But on the earlier levels, with all the other noobs, things are fun and easy. But its a cruel world.


S4 League is a fun, fast paced, and easy to start game with an assortment of weapons and skills opening up many possibilities for gameplay. You can spend days messing around with different weapon combinations finding your perfect set. The game is sharp and stylish and I hope you can give it a quick try atleast. Enjoy!  S4League Gameplay Trailer


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