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2D,3D,Asian-Type,Cute,Strategy,Shooting,Real-time,Tactical,Action Fighting
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Fun and cosplay at the New York Anime Festival

Hello mmositers! I've been out for a while, schools keeping me busy, and I enjoyed myself at the New York Anime Festival. I'm sure alot of you went. I wanted to share my experiences from the con with all of you.

    This was alot of fun to watch. The artist here goes to many conventions and does wall sized drawings in chalk. He took the entire 3 days to do it.

ANd the finished product!A soul eater group shot!

. . . I'm happy this shirt exist . . .

There were hilarious T-shirts a plenty but this one was the best.

And now the cosplay! 

A fantastic Mello and MisaMisa

Nagato has far more important things to do than pictures. Like tackling mikuru before she sets the world on fire and learning how to work a camera.

A fighting stance Luffy and Zorro from one piece.

 A personal favorite of mine.

Random bunny girl, mikuru, hard to tell the difference. Question is, does it matter?

Yoko Litner is what happens when you mix Sex and Action. A winning combination thats been continued for years of videogaming anime and action movies.

There was tons to see and it was more rare to find someone not cosplaying than cosplaying. As for me?



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Classic brawler, Old fashioned fun: Dungeon and Fighter


    Dungeon Fighter is a brawler mmo originall

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Shoot 'em up, racing mmo: Krazy Aces CB Review

A little note, up till now Ive been calling things previews, what I mean is reviews of closed beta. I dont like to call it a preview because I dont know how things will be changed by the next phase of the game. So heres my Crazy Aces Closed Beta Review!


Above: Best logo shot Ive ever been able to get my hands on. Please make your logos more accesable website designers.

    Krazy Aces Online is a racing game that places you in a plane and plays like a side scrolling shoot em up. You gain items along the track to use against other players, customize your character and choose your viehicle (or animal) and go off into the world of racing dirty against other players! Krazy Aces was developed by YNK and localized by DONTBLYNK- the third localized ynk game. Find out if this is your next addiction in my review below.

Theres not much to talk about here because the graph

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Amazing Action MMO: Lost Saga

Alright, due to fatal errors this is the third- third- time I’m writing this article. Aha, thinkin ahead of this game writing in Microsoft word now, using my noggin… Anyway… Lets just get strait on to the Preview…


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