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Most people have long since forgotten about the old game DnL. But i was going through my bookmarks to find one thing , that the community after two years is still active.  in chinajoy i think it is there was a video taken of farlans new DnL redone in chinese . The game that was givin the worst rating possible because of pressure from investors and other companys wanting somthing for there moneys worth. Released DnL in 06 and it bombed out in three months after a Law Suit for game engine use. Now the people who farlan gave the Cinese rights for deving the game up have revamped it. Now im still researching the information but translation by a player of the chinese dnl community says so . I have found a video that i will put in later after i find a better quailty . The game is going to be rise from the ashes but under a diffrent belt according to the forums i have seen . There is no tells on when the game will launch up and  but i wil follow this since i was desprately trying to play DnL for a while. Soon as i had the requirements to play (time) the game was shut down for revamp.DnL community stil is very active there are posts that are from recent days , so do not forget to check in on everything now and then.

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