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FireFall has been in beta for two years... Paid beta for about the last year (estimating here, it maybe about 6-8 months). It is now in open beta. So why am I disappointed? The game is riddled with bugs after two whole years in beta. Some people are saying "it's open beta so it's still beta." Sorry but once they start charging for stuff then I consider beta over. Not to mention there is just no excuse after the length of time it took just to get the game in open beta.

FireFall also wasted a ton of money that could have been added straight to the game. They bought a huge-ass gaming bus, hired comic book writers to pen a comic book for their game, and hired a former professional football player to cosplay for their game. It was just a ridiculous amount of money that was wasted that could have been added directly into the game and just maybe if that money had been added into the game than we wouldn't be seeing a buggy open beta.

I played the game and was looking around and realizing that the population was almost non-existent. I think it's not only a problem with the game itself being a buggy hell-hole, but also a problem with their website. Their is a huge "Play Now" button in the middle of the site and when you click on it instead of bringing you to a download like it brings you to a place where you can buy a starter pack. "Play Now" apparently translates to "Pay Now" for Red5. I later discovered I had to go to my account home to find a download link, but the "Play Now" button is still very misleading and I'm sure confused more than a few people.

I'm honestly disappointed as the game seemed to have a lot of potential and just seems like a big mess to me right now. I still don't understand how the game turned out the way it did after two years of beta... And one of the developers really has the gall to insult WoW when his game turned out the way it did... So what do the rest of you think? Do you think FireFall should be excused for going into open beta as a buggy mess after two whole years in beta and wasting a ton of money on unnecessary things (in my opinion)? Remember keep it clean!


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