Banning System of League of Legends is a crime than you ever imagined

By: Efren Bata Reyes posted at May 04, 2017 4:30 am

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Riot's ban clipboard stated that 0.0006% league of players to be permanently banned enough and that is a lie. And you can only copy and paste your own negative chat from Game 1 to 3 excluding the all and team chat on chat log to make you look bad on public forums just in case if you posted to their forums so that Riot can just savage your evidence and rights to speak eventually.

Moreover, their ticket request stated that there are over 30million currently players who obviously got banned excluding the closed ticket. Then Riot announced last year or so that there are over 65million players are on League of Legends playing the game or should I expose that those 50% of 65million total players who registered that year were also the smurf they banned including the victim they demolished who argued back innocently to their griefers and toxic players. Then Riot claimed that there are over 0.0006% league players are permanently ban but the ticket request are over 30million players are currently open requesting to lift up their main accounts. There are so much evidence in game. Try to play Coop AI beginner difficulty and you will notice there some players with no keystone are scoring up to 11- 40 kills and endless penta kills proves that they are smurfs and not fresh players who are starting to learn the game and I did not only see that happen once but on every game I play on Coop AI beginner difficulty sometimes 2 or 3 players on team had so much amount of kills and 0 deaths. Then those 65 million that Riot boasted and claimed players are the smurfs and included them on the amount of league players playing that year but the truth was the smurf whom Riot banned millions of them were added to half of 65 million that year. Riot shamelessly counted the smurfs too and robbed peoples money while banning their main accounts.

Mystery solved. Riot aren't doing their job correctly. It is more like Riot is cheating their players by banning their main accounts and make them spend real money again and what exactly Riot are doing is robbing people's money and their claim about permanently banning 0.0006% is a lie. Do you know what happens to people like Riot who greedily deceive their victims and innocent players? Confirmed guilty of crimes. Moreover there is one truth you need to know why Riot is banning rapidly this season 7 and why they are willing to rob your money by banning your main account so to make you create a new account to make you spend real money again. Riot is committing a very big crime. They are resorting their tax payment by banning their players to deceive them and abuse their banning system to make fast money by robbing you. The reason Riot is so desperate to make more money this year because Trump increased the tax rate to build walls and Riot is resorting their tax payments by robbing you now by banning your accounts as fast as they can.

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