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Game:  Three Kingdoms Brawler

Description:  "Three Kingdoms Brawler" is a classic 2D side-scrolling massively multiplayer online action role-playing game (MMOARPG) which is independently developed by The9 Company. The game is based on the history of the Three Kingdoms in China, and it inherited the characteristics of the classic arcade hack and slash action games. Also this game shows more refreshing, beautiful and impressive scenes compared to 3D game scenes by using the 2D horizontal scroll images.

Address:  http://gamelist.mmosite.com/g/three_32_kingdoms_32_brawler.shtml

Game:  Sphira: Warrior's Dawn

Description:  Sphira: Warrior's Dawn will challenge gamers to fight for their honor and glory against hordes of brutal enemies in over 1,400 fantasy quests.

Address:  http://gamelist.mmosite.com/g/sphira_58__32_warrior_00_s_32_dawn.shtml

Game:  Cabal 2

Description:  Cabal 2 will be the first online game to be developed using the latest CryEngine 3, so expect graphics even better than Crysis!

Address:  http://gamelist.mmosite.com/g/cabal_32_2.shtml

Cabal 2   mmo  

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