Fury Unleashes Two New Videos, Preview Event!

By: alibaba posted at Jul 19, 2007 11:23 pm

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Following very successful showings at Gamecock's E.I.E.I.O. in California as well as China Joy in Shanghai, developers Auran are showing off their baby, Fury, to an international audience for a special Worldwide Preview event starting at noon Friday July 27, and running until 11.59pm Sunday July 29 (that translates to 4:30am Saturday morning, Adelaide time, until 4:29pm Monday afternoon).

To celebrate, we have not one - but two videos, just for you!

Firstly, we have the high-quality exclusive of Life School, showing off ingame footage and some of the beautiful settings the game is played in:

Then, we have the very appropriate Life is What Happens While You're Level Grinding - which may ring true for some of you!

var s1 = new SWFObject("http://files1.games.internode.on.net/flvplayer.swf","single","480","380","7"); s1.addParam("allowfullscreen","true"); s1.addParam("streamscript","lighttpd"); s1.addVariable("autostart","false"); s1.addVariable("streamscript","lighttpd"); s1.addVariable("file","http://files1.games.internode.on.net/flv/f/fury/videos/GRIND_7.18_RTD.mov.flv"); s1.write("player1");

...now. Harry Miller, Head of Development at Gamecock, the publisher of Fury in North America, explains:

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