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Forum Spotlight: Join the Discussion!

Did you know that we have a forum on MMOsite? It’s where we all meet to share our thoughts and have discussions about gaming.

Below, are five discussion topics were shining the spotlight on. They're all from either our General Discussionor Off-Topicsboard. Our board selection is much greater than that though. For example there are other boards such as New-MMO discussion, Non-English Discussion, Console and more. We also have boards which cater towards specific games where you'll find like minded players. A few Game Pub boards include League of Legends, Dragon Nest, World of Warcraft and more.

Crazy Ideas for an MMORPG

By Gygax00

Here's the scenario: you have just become the lead developer and designer for a brand new MMORPG. There's one catch, in order for it to be successful, you need to

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Dota 2 Necrolyte Guide: Rotund'jere, the Pope of Pestilence

Dota 2 Necrolyte Guide: The Pope of Pestilence




Rotund'jere, the Necrolyte.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Basics

3. Skills  

4. Pros/Cons

5. Item Justification

6. Hero Synergy



1. Introduction

Necrolyte is a Pusher, Carry and Tank. He is one of the best Intelligence heroes which scales well into late game. His abilities damage enemies over time and in a big radius, so he thrives off of living long and being right in the middle of action during combat. His ultimate, Reaper's Scythe, devastates a single target, finishing them off and securing the bounty for himself. This hero is for those who don't mind a weak early game and want to fight their enemies head on.



2. Basics

First off, it needs to be noted that Necrolyte is not a support.

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Guild Wars PvP Guide: General Rules for Random Arenas

This is a guide that will help new players become aquainted with Random Arenas. It features general tips for every profession, what each class is best suited for, the game types and how to quickly identify certain professions.

Introduction to Random Arenas
Random Arenas is a Player versus Player game mode in Guild Wars. It pits two randomly assembled teams of four against each other in various environments (called "maps"). In each match, your team must battle and kill the opposing team's members. Maps are very similar to each other, but each have slight variations. All players will receive a Death Penalty if killed. Each death will result in a compounding loss of Health and Energy similar to death penalties in PvE, however the penalty will remain for the duration of the match. Also kee

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