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Gameforge has recently release a short video showcasing skills of the playable character Stella Unibel to remind us that the Soul Worker is still on its way to Europe and North America in 2018. This is part of their "Wisdom Wednesday" in which they give something to learn about Soul Worker to its fans.

Soul Worker was initially scheduled to have an open beta in 2017, but has been pushed for the first quarter of 2018 meaning that it could be any time now. Keep an eye out for news on Soul Worker!

Here is their description of Stella Unibel:

Stella is the ideal support in a team fight, but she can also hold her own. She hits enemies up close and at range with her Howling Guitar. When things get particularly prickly, Stella sets her wolf demons on her enemies and accompanies their onslaught with a destructive chord.

Soul Worker  

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