Yugioh Online 3 is free to play

By: Chisane posted at Feb 09, 2011 9:03 am

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hi guys i have recently heard yu-gi-oh! online going free so i gave it a try ^-^



i was really impressed on the little customization they had, i could choose the hair color and eye color, i loved it ^^

not only that but it offered you options to set one of the three animation types A/B/C

though when i saw 0 cards on my screen, i screamed and uninstalled it instantly! xD


i was wrong though, a friend told me that new people can't find it, so i reinstalled the game and tried searching for it, oh here it was!

85 cards in your trunk! that is totally licious but the problem is none of those cards are good enough to lead you to victory.. even lv.8 npcs

are impossible to defeat and i'll show you why and how they smash you  then crush you as if you were just a tiny ant... T-T

some of you get confused on this step but no problem, you must first press that card icon marked in red and click new to name the deck

here goes my first duel, lv.8 is the lowest npc and you can fight them by clicking the blue human icon then millenium icon. a list of npcs!

the strongest monster you have is probably dark magician with 2500 attack power and you even need two tributes for that little fellow, when your opponent is smashing you with a bunch of 1600~2000 damage four star monsters, i don't think you can even get one tribute..

okay, that previous round must have been a mistake so lets try again. i may have been unlucky, so now? 4000 LP from her spell that uses 50% of her LP to activate it, so yeah i didn't even harm her even a bit...


maybe ghouls are just too powerful for me, so lets try fighting normal kids! they are definately weak!!

well, you know what? maybe i should fight against ugly npcs, maybe that will net me a win! and i lost...

third battle against Force (one of the three ghouls, they look similiar but have different names) anyways mission impossible online!!!

the last screenshot may look like i almost won, but its a trap!! he used most of his LP on activating spells and used 2000 LP to increase the nurse card's damage to 3400 from 400... this game is dominating innocent newbies to force them on spending real money to obtain powerful cards.

this game is no longer p2p, you can duel for free unlike yugioh online 2 but they don't have overworlds anymore and you can't purchase cards with ingame money because it doesn't exist, it shows how greedy konami is but you will still see atleast a thousand players or a little more using their money to strengthen their deck. *sigh*

this is yu-gi-oh online 2 which everybody loved and wished for it to be f2p, instead they deleted the overworld system and shoved a jar of greed card in our face -____-

and NO you do not recieve cards or decks from winning a duel against npcs or players anymore you do earn a card for beating them 20 times or was it 10 times? either way that quest is impossible to perform, it's more than a miracle to win even once.

this game will give me nightmares and im afraid to sleep

Konami clearly wants us to die, they will always be hated for their greed.


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