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These are comparisons of the release candidates with the uncensored Korean/Japanese version on the left and the US CBT release candidate on the right, the armor changes are still the same as when taken by Terafans at a En Masse open house. (Uncensored photos are not mine).

Note the covered belly/navel region and the altered detail-less bikini bottoms in comparison to the intricate designs of the originals. Also notice the ALL of the censored version's briefs are of the same design and not unique undies like in the original.

Uncensored version                                Censored version



Exact same basic brief design instead of unique sets

According to En Masse they are subject to change and the armour changes will be FINAL when the game ships so it seems like the chances of getting it changed are slim, despite cries from the community of Elin fans (Save for the top 3 which I have updated with US CBT pics).

As such, here is a poll from when mention of the censorship of the Elins was announced. Notice that the thread was closed, as many threads on the official Tera forums are on the subject of Elins are. If not, then posts on Elin are hidden by the secret forum police if they are posts pertaining to Elin censorship.

I'm thinking this game is going to be a skip for me. Legalized RMT/gold selling AKA Chronoscrolls, obviously the censorship in the year 2011, the delay of the game to 2012 despite "Westernizing" the game alongside the Korean release (And the game is already out in Japan as well), and of course Brian Knox (Of Aion infamy) as producer.

"There’s no way for En Masse alone to win the war against the gold farmers and real-money traders" - En Masse Chief Operating Officer on adding sanctioned RMT/gold selling (Chronoscrolls) in Tera. En Masse seems to have their priority backwards. They have given up on the war against Gold sellers before the game has even launched in the US. Yet they are so adamant on censoring the game before any backlash has even been generated against it.

Oddly enough, the following armor and all other races are untouched (Again, not my photo).

I would also like to point out the generous jiggle physics and unchangable large bust size on female humans and elves as shown in this video.

I thought gaming was about developers giving their fans what they want and pushing the envelope. Not folding like a house of cards at the smallest hint of controversy. Or in this case, it could be that some person of power in En Masse disagrees with the Elin. To which, I request that he submit his collection of erotica to the fans of Tera for review. With which we will censor or remove content that is objectionable for the audience.

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