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Welcome to RUN DLC! A newly renamed column, formerly Downloadable Content. (Thanks to our Editor Mandifesto for the name change.) This week we’ve got some “decent” offerings, still a little weak but better than the desert of the past two weeks. You’ll notice the Wii brought nothing to play with this time, so I’m making it sit alone at the table. If you don’t share you can’t play with the others, bad Wii.

For X-Box 360 this week we have:

Mass Effect 2: The Arrival - (DLC)   A deep cover operative has gone missing in Batarian space, days after reporting conclusive evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. Shepard must travel to the edge of the galaxy, rescue the Alliance agent, and discover the truth behind the Arrival. Uncover new research and three new achievements in this spectacular new mission for Mass Effect 2!

Mavlock’s Notes: More DLC missions for Mass Effect 2. I’m all for this, I just hate when they take place during your story. The missions that carrying on after you are done are fine. You should NEVER release DLC for a game that takes place during a campagin. I’m not saying they’ve done that here, as I have not played it, but it’s been done in the past.



Islands of Wakfu - (Arcade)   Mix of beat'em up, shoot'em up, and aventure. If you want to make it through the Islands of Wakfu, you're going to need to summon up all your gaming skills: action, strategic planning, and resilience! As you progress from one level to the next, the skills required will evolve; only teh best will survive.

Mavlock’s Notes: Wakfu, it’s an MMO. Before that there was a game I’ve also played called Dofus. Both are great games in their own right. I enjoy the artistic style they implement and the way combat is handled. This is not like those MMOs. While it uses the same graphic style, as you can see from the descriptor it’s some odd hybrid set in the same universe, though this one appears to take place in the past.

Next up is PSN (Playstation Network):


Free Realms (PSN)  A light-hearted MMO designed for a broad range of game players, including children and families. Free Realms allows you to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, in a lush, living, 3D world, filled with rich landscapes and fun wildlife. From pet raising to mini-games like soccer and racing, or battling giant spiders and adventuring with friends – there’s something for everyone! With weekly and monthly content updates, regular and special events scheduled, and even the potential player-created parties and celebrations there is always something new to see and do in the world of Free Realms.

Mavlock’s Notes: I applaud the effort by the Free Realms team to make their game even more accessible to families. Bravo, spread your mmo-crack!


Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky  — (PSP/PSN) Blazers are gallant warriors that consider the well being of others and the safety of the land as their priority, and work hard to defeat monsters and criminals. Estel is an aspiring Blazer who lives near the city of Rolento in Rebel Kingdom. Together with her friend Yoshua, Estel continues to train herself in the arts of Blazers. The story begins when Estel’s father receives a strange letter, starting a chain of events. The Legend of Heroes VI gives players an assortment of gameplay with its Blazer quest system, cooking system, opal arts system and many other features. With highlights like the AT bar and the AT bonus, battles in The Legend of Heroes give players that further tactical edge.

Mavlock’s Notes: First part of the trilogy, this game was first released on Japanese Windows. How come we hardly ever get any good JRPG games for Windows? I mean, if the work is done, why not do it? Anyways, it’s about six years old but you may have not played it yet.

Lastly Wii:

Mavlock’s Notes: Three weeks of updates and still nothing worth a damn? I feel like a broken record and I am wasting my time with Nintendo. Let’s not hold our breathe, but perhaps next week will be better.

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