Cabal II Gstar Video Analysis

By: DarkG0d posted at Nov 27, 2010 5:45 am

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Here Cabal II Gstar Video Analysis 

I wont be giving any information about the game since We don't have any yet
But as we already know Gstar gave us a video about the game a small teaser
the game really looks to be in a very early state hence we got a slight preview of the maps

The game will be the 1st mmorpg that would be made in Cry Engine 3, the very same the upcoming Crysis II is been bade, So Lets keep our Expectations Hight as we must expect a lot out of it
ESTsoft Officially Announced the game would have a playable demo in Gsyar 2010 but we haven't seen any yet , don't know when G-star conv will end , so I don't really know if they will actually going to give as a demo to try this year.

What We can see in the maps they have removed the small based maps as they had in Cabal I
That will extent the game in to a greater level.

As I can Judge from the video there will be be a Jump System in Cabal II , who knows maybe they will Introduce . Systems made in B&S (hopefully)

Moving on and Judging again from the maps. The game may also have a Day/Night system

Finally what I manged to see from the classes is that we basically have for sure the last classes from
cabal I
Hence I have seen A Force Shielder , and a Blader in the video

Hopefully they they will add more classes since sticking to the old ones would be a big mistake





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