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Favourite Game Class: Tank
Like most in games: Explore Grinding to level up


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'ello! i'm new to this site but have found it quite informative. i was introduced to a game called FLYFF by my daughter. i'm addicted. this game is great! i have met some really nice people and have built several characters, my main being a billposter named Tawli. i have several other characters i created on my own. i enjoy the challenge of having to build from scratch tho it can be very slow and frustrating at times. u can find me thru out the day and evening playing FLYFF. if u r a FLYFF player, look me up. i'd be glad to chat with ya and maybe we could help each other lvl. i am fiercely loyal to friends.

i am a nana and i enjoy my grandkids when they come to visit. i also enjoy baking cookies, pies, and homemade bread.

hope to meet some other FLYFF players.

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