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Fate of Arun's Bathysmal Rise Revealed

Perhaps by far the most challenging new dungeon in Northern Arun, Bathysmal Rise houses new bosses who use a variety of new abilities and tactics to try teams of one of the most seasoned Tera Items players.  And we have the exclusive first look and details.

Located in the community known as Ex Prima, Bathysmal Rise could be the last refuge on the giants, a once powerful race of beings who conquered the entire world only to be struck down and taken outside of power because of the gods.  Known towards the Baraka race as being a step back in time on the heart of any long-dead civilization, nobody really knows just what the true intent behind Bathysmal Rise was formerly. The only thing anyone really knows is always that it’s still watched over today by strange and vicious beasts and sentinels left behind through the giants.

What secrets and treasures stay to be found? You’ll make sure to discover them when the Fate of Arun expansion for Tera Gold launches and brings from it a ra...
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Closers Credits, Closer to Winner

Could you figure out why I said " Closers Credits related to Winner"? And why i 'm sure Closers Credits cause win? Let's see it!

I happened to have the closers credits because i was tinkering with a team. I almost usually die and stay abandoned by all member.Suddenly i remembered that a person said closers credits could make you become the winner in the forum. So i resolved to pick up closers credits. then... i survived just like i want. I feel so glad and lucky to purchase closers credits When i was a student in life and death. so it is not too much saying closers credits add up to winner.

I believe almost all of you have played in Closers for some time, but every body are different in level. What leads this? That's the Closers Credits!! Are you curious as to where and how to bought closers credits? I bought it at MMOAH, a large games store , where sell a great number of knd of Mesos, Credits, Gold and so forth. MMOAH works for every body, they're going to attack you and al...
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En Masse Entertainment is Letting Fans Pick Closers’ Next Event

In a really interesting turn of events, En Masse Entertainment is allowing Closers Credits fans to decide on what’s feasible with their next community event by putting a pair of the game’s characters against one another in a vote. Tina (left) and Harpy (right) will be the two showcased, because the developer is asking you to cast your vote starting on March 6th, and based on who you choose, that may determine who'll be the primary character over the next community event in April. The finer data is below using their company website, but it is likely that whoever doesn’t win will try to be featured int he event following this one.

To cast your vote in this community event, players use Wolf Dog Cookies to craft sometimes a Tina or perhaps a Harpy support box which is worth one vote. You can earn the supplies to craft Tina or Harpy support boxes the subsequent ways: stage clears, PvP wins, and Daily Login Rewards. In addition to vote tokens, players may also craft either an 8-Bit Tina or...
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Thanksgiving is definitely around the corner so we have a whole cornucopia of content planned to suit your needs! If you haven’t already, receive the full details about the next chapter inside Closers Credits . You can log into Closers right NOW, and begin your journey to level 65.

But be about the lookout, Closers. While you execute missions, chances are you'll run into some devious new enemies now through December 5!

During every stage, players of level 30 or higher employ a chance of encountering wicked Washing Machines. Players of level 50 or older or their fearsome leader: The Demon King Washing Machine.

The Washing Machines are actually attacking New Seoul and gobbling up each of the turkey in the city, so it’s your decision to Buy Closers Credits save Thanksgiving. Beat the stuffing away from them, reclaim the Turkey Tokens within, and trade them for prizes!...
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