World-Garage.com Challenge Nr.2 : 2nd & Bellevue + Skyline Setup

By: Spammie posted at Mar 05, 2013 4:49 pm

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Hey guys, I'm Spammie, this is second episode of World Garage Challenges, this time we have to do 2nd & Bellevue from Need for Speed Underground 2 with moderate trafic and no other racers. Best Time Wins ! Also checkout the Skyline setup !
Challenge Link : http://bit.ly/2ndbelevue

This is the skyline setup, is not made by me so I take no credit for it.

Skyline Setup (Imperial):

Suspension : -1.25,-1.25,4.55,5.61,4.23,6.03,4.11,6.1­2,1.10

Drivetrain: 46.1,78.0,110.5,144.4,176.0,213.3,4.00

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