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Play AQ3D here : http://www.aq3d.com/

Hello everybody, today I bring another first look video, this time is for Adventure Quest 3D, the game is developed by Artix Entertaiment and is going to be cross platform on Steam, Android, iOS, Mac OSX, Linux you name it, it's going to be there. The game follow a lot in the style of Adventure Quest Worlds and that is great, the world is beautiful and even the zones it self are small there are a lot of them and loading times are none existent (almost). Monsters do tend to have high agro which is pretty weird at first but you get use to it in time. The game content is going to be very diverse, it will have PVP, PVE with Storyline quests , Dungeons with different difficulty's. At the moment there are 4 classes in game, warrior, mage, rogue and guardian, of course there others in the works as necromancer, ninja, dragonslayer. One particular feature that is in the works is a system for room password where the game gives you a easy pass to say outloud and your friends can use it to join your room, this feature could be very useful for conventions as Artix explained.

Well I hope you like the video, feel free to like, subscribe and peace.

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