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So as some MMOsiters know the game that was in its development phase XAOC is actually out in Taiwan as we speak. I went there after reading the article on how to create an account to play on here: http://feature.mmosite.com/xaoc/feature.shtml. So after following the steps there I actually was able to login and try it out myself and here are some basic's I think well know from the site mixed with my own person observations while playing.

XAOC servers information:

Pvp servers:5
Pve servers:4

There are factions in the game two factions your typical good vs evil faction like in some other MMO's. The two factions according to the global website are The empire which is pretty much the good side and then there's the rebellions side which is the opposing side.

Of the two factions the character creation process has 4 races total. A choice of 12 different faces, 3 different body types the appearance depends on the race, 4 different types of skin colors, depending on race it can affect the appearance such as eyes, 12 different hair styles, and a choice of 7 different hair colors.

Additional features that some MMO's don't give you much of now is a choice of 2 suits by default and some races have additional features you can select such as feathers for the tengu looking race.


XAOC is like a action MMO with the option of two ways to play: option 1: you can see the cursor and use WASD to attack in the direction of enemies/ option 2: this would be the more Tera / Vindictus action style however movement is still WASD and aiming attacks much easier this way. To be able to access buttons such as the quest icon or clicking on the auto track option pressing crtl allows you to see the cursor.

As for the classes each class has the ability to carry and wield three different weapons, pressing the q button once you have at least two weapons allows you to switch weapon types. Also pressing the R button preforms a power attack and also can be used if timed right to preform a combo power attack.


Now that all that basic information is out the way. Let's get down to the meat of what this article is all about and that's the game over all. The character creation isn't anything to rave about seeing as how mentioned earlier how limited it is in features, but at least they have some options to give a feel of individuality to some degree. The combat isn't too fast paced but unlike Tera Online if you aim at a hairs inch of the mob you're attacking you WILL miss the target, also enemy mobs also have the ability to do charged attacks just like you can, however you can stop them from charging and to do that while they charge press the E button while your in close range.

There dash/dodge system as far as dashing goes in pretty cool, press shift and you start to sprint/dash you can also do some jumps while in sprint/dash mode which if you press the space bar twice you'll jump while moving forward and also launch yourself forward.

In all the game was pretty fun for me despite some of the lack of character creation. Also if I had to compare it to a game I've played before then it would have to be .hack//sign, mostly due to how the world looks and character looks. If I had to rate it I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10 mostly due to the quest system which isn't anything special. Just like in your typical MMO the quest system requires you kill this mob a certain amount of times, travel here then travel there etc. I do like the tea and hotsprings system however, you can create tea and drink it if you can the right leaves which drop from mob's in game. The hot springs system is where your character can rest and let lose (NO you will not be naked -_- you'll be wrapped in a towel). Stay inside the hot springs area until the gauge fills up and you get a buff that helps with regeneration.

This MMO is one I would love to see get released in the global market soon. Thank you for your time and patience reading this article this would be my first and probably last but I at least wanted to give as much information as I could from my personal experience.



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