Granado Espada: Shattered Hearts- a film by the Tokoyoshi Family

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Excerpt from Sword of the New World forums:

Finally, after four months of filming and editing is released.

This is one of the Tokoyoshi + LC's MAJOR Production..

It involves over twenty Le´ Çonquistador Faction members in the acting,

and six Official Tokoyoshi + LC Production members

to produce this second episode to the Shattered Hearts Series.


This is a fan-made video featuring characters from SOTNW: Granado Espada. I did NOT make this! This is here because I want to spread the word on such a great piece of work from gamers of SOTNW, like myself :D . Enjoy watching it and support fan & gamer creations! I've included the first episodes so that you can see the whole story unfold.

For more info check here

Shattered Hearts

Shattered Hearts II Episode I part 1

Shattered Hearts II Episode I part 2


Shattered Hearts II Episode II The Will Part 1 of 2

Shattered Hearts II Episode II The Will Part 2 of 2

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