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Not game related...but related to my ant keeping hobby

 Two months ago I found a Harvester ant queen (Maricopa harvester ant, or Pogonomyrmex maricopa)...my last successful Harvester ant colony I had, was 4 years ago...and I've tried raising them for the past 7 years. I'm sure a lot of you know Harvester ants...the "big" red ants, the ones that come in the Uncle Milton ant farms.Well, yesterday I had my first workers hatch! (or eclose the more appropriate term for ants)...so that is really exciting.


The Maricopa harvester ant is most toxic insect in North America...12 stings can kill a 2-4 pound rat and about 200 stings can kill a person. They live in sand dunes and deserts mostly...which means they are a really tough ant. Which is good for raising them in an ant farm.


I know this is a bit random for a gaming site...but since I'm a long time member (and moderator), figured I would share it with you all. This is a blog after all :) But it is very exciting news for me.

Here is a picture of the queen, taken a month

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My ongoing preview of A Song of Ice and Fire (day one)

So, I've heard a lot of good things about this book series by George R R Martin. I've only read the first few chapters (including the prologue), but so far I really like it. I'm going to post a more indepth review/previews (with as less spoilers as possible, because for me, spoilers are the worst...I'll try and keep it general)

I can say...the book starts off really well. And not past the first chapter, and it was already really bloody. 

I've heard the book is a lot more adult oriented than most...think more so than Sword of Truth series I've heard (if you've read those books). But from what I get out of this series I'm reading, it goes for a more realistic approach. This is from what I got out of other people...there is romance, s*x, violence etc...so far I've seen the (or at least some) of the violent part. 

So far, the writing is really good as well. But there was one minor spelling mistake, but most won't notice (I'm a writer myself, so I tend to notice the spe

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(Rambling Rant on Themepark MMOs): Response to MMORPG.com forum post

 If there was ever a MMO like Fallout 3, Morrowind or Oblivion (GTA and RDR too, but I haven't played those two)...I would never leave the house again lol. Okay maybe I would, but you get my point :P This will be a long post.

 Here is the link to the thread this was a response to, yes I know its not on MMOsite...but still a good dicussion, and we are all gamers no matter what site we are from :)  http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/thread/294594/The-majority-of-players-will-never-like-a-sandbox-game-argument.html Excuse the rambling rant...my mind is scattered today, I'm on pain killers...and tired as heck... So anyway...to the blog. May be a bit confusing if you haven't read at least some of that topic in the thread I linked to.   Sure Fallout 3/Oblivion/Morrowind aren't TRUE sandbox games. They are more of a hybrid. But, with player made mods (as mentioned) you can easily turn then into sandbox games. I built a pretty large settlement...
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What happened to MMOs? Were they ever for me in the first place?

First problem I have is the AI. And this is just one reason most MMOs are boring (for me). Most MMOs have stupid, idiotic mobs that stand in place and do nothing. Its like someone aiming a gun at you, about to kill you and you go "LOL, I'M GONNA WAIT FOR HIM TO ATTACK ME FIRST!! Okay he shot! now I can attack!"

Well, except for Ryzom. Ryzom actually HAS AI! Mobs migrate depending on the season, animals go up to you and examine you...its very good AI for a MMO. Oh, and the big thing...carnivores actually attack other mobs (like herbivores).

I guess Darkfall has good AI too (so I've heard), but I've never played it, not a big PvP fan. I prefer PvE.

I guess some people like mindless combat and grinding 24/7...probably why a lot of these "next-gen" (LOL) MMOs suck for me (note the "for me" part, I know some of you will miss that and flame me.)...all it is, is boring grinding, mindless and unfun combat (for me)...grinding to get uber loot (BORING!...for me)...o

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A total conversion mod for Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Journal Day One

 Do note, this is for PC version only.


So...do you have Oblivion? All you need is the latest patch and the PC  vanilla Oblivion. No other DLC or expansion needed.


Nehrim is a total conversion using the Oblivion engine. Plus, even with Nehrim installed, you can play the regular Oblivion. You just need to install the mod to a different folder (which is recommended anyway) from where you have Oblivion installed.


Now, you ask what Nehrim is? Well, first...all the voice acting is in German. But you can read what they say in English, if you can't speak German. 


So...Nehrim is similar in ways to the Gothic series. For those who may be familiar with that. But enough like Oblivion to be similar to that as well. 


So, here is some info taken from the official site


1.) Nehrim is a game focusing both on story and classical RPG gameplay. You solve quests, earn expe

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