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Donation for Japan.

As you all know, Japan has just recently got hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and also tsunami which flooded almost the whole Japan. This causes the lost of homes for half a million people, death of thousands and counting, no running water and so much more. Dealing with the impact of this earthquake is extremely difficult, thus, we have to help them by donating money and praying.




Choose which to donate :


1.  International Medical Corp. 

An International Medical Corps emergency response team is on the ground in Japan and is coordinating with local officials to support response efforts and fill critical gaps. The team is assessing post disaster conditions and prepping critical supplies for delivery to the earthquake zone. They will focus their efforts on ear

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What do you define as hardcore gamers?

Hardcore gamers are used to generally describe a type of video game player. Some describe hardcore gamers as those who spent a large amount of time on games. Many hardcore gamers pride themselves on mastering the rules or use of a game, although this is not a strict requirement. Competition is another defining characteristic of hardcore gamers, who often compete in organized tournaments, leagues, or ranked play integrated into the game proper.


It has also been said that hardcore gamers are those who know a lot about the industry and history of video games, plays a variety of video games and also masters them. Besides, hardcore gamers also play games for more than their own enjoyment. They often suffer from stress because of their mind thinking too much about games[on how to level high

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Best Uniforms From Anime IMO.

Please note that this is on my personal opinion of what I think looks good and all. This article will have 10 uniforms from 10 animes for your kind information and the number isn't gonna be the rank, it's just a number to make everything easier. Thanks.

10. Clannad!

The uniform sure looks good on high scoolers! I wish we can wear something as nice as that in Malaysia. The collar blends in so well with the uniform. The ribbons pulls off a cute feeling on the high schooler girls in Clannad and the combined half blue top and the blue skirt is really attractive!

9. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Don't you think blue is a common color for uniforms in anime? Okay to be exact, this is not blue but turqoise. It's really rare to see turqoise colored uniforms because it's....just so rare! I fin

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Bad Habits When Gaming.

A bad habit is a negative behavior pattern. What are your bad habits when you're gaming? I'm sure everyone has at least one including me. Well, while gaming, I just hate the newbies who comes to me and bugs me then asks me for money as if I owe them in the past life! Seriously annoying. I don't care how much they need but isn't it better if you earn your own money instead of begging other people who might talk bad about you behind you? I'm not mean, they are for making my life more miserable than how it always has been. Besides ignoring newbies, I also hate them when they're asking me questionS. Note the plural form. It's okay if they ask a question, but it's NOT okay if they ask a several ANNOYING BASIC questions. Go read the F.A.Q., I'm not your walking F.A.Q.. Furthermore,

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