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NcSoft West Support? non-existent

 Today i woke up with some bitter taste in my mind: The Ncsoft West technichal answer in my email inbox. Take a look at the dates and times. It took forever for a lame answer.


Client09/06/2011 19:44Now i see why so many people is quiting Aion. The Ncsoft WEST tech service is the worst ive ever seen in a mmo. You basically get paid for doing NOTHING.
Hope it gets better some day. And really hope it's not too late to recover the Aion community, which i see quite difficult.Answer GM Mordecai09/06/2011 20:01Hello,

You have made your point of view quite clear, friend. I'm not trying to force you to agree with our position, and I am aware that my response to your request is upsetting, but I must emphasize that we will not be manually transferring any of your characters. No exceptions will be made.


GM Mordecai
Aion Support TeamClient09/06/2011 19:44Your answer is no good to me, because YOU ARE IN DEBT with me. You transfered my char from Triniel to Zikel when Triniel clos

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