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Me in Dragon Nest

Wow..just found out the last article I posted here was on August 3rd, 2009. Time flies..

so..I'm playing Dragon Nest lately and finally I reach level 15 to choose my second class. :D

Since I solo in game most of the time so it took me longer to get there..=0= Not recommended..I don't have much time to play so the fatigue system didn't borther me much. But if you want to level up faster and play longer in Dragon Nest, remember to group people up to play together!

For a sorcerer, the job advancement quests are kind of easy.. Here's a guide by yuto-kun in the forum:  forum.mmosite.com/topics/517/201008/02/112,1.html

After finishing the second quest, go back to the NPC to return it.


She will ask you to choose your second class.


The first one is Elementalistand the se

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Super Baozi vs Sushi man

Super Baozi vs Sushi man from sun haipeng on Vimeo.


It's really funny XD~ I like it a lot!!

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3650 from Ubik on Vimeo.


A short film for mtv worldwide to help raise awareness of the effects of global warming. A combination of live action and animation. A globe in a classroom was shot on 16mm which was then tracked and populated with cg toy-like clouds, cars, planes, and cities.
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Paper Moon Blurst Trailer

Paper Moon Blurst Trailer from Flashbang Studios on Vimeo.


I played it for a while last night. And I found it kinda interesting~ The graphic and control are both special,too. ^0^

Give it a shot at : http://blurst.com/paper-moon/play

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