Hecarim Patch Preview: Gameplay Changes

By: Zevri posted at Apr 07, 2012 12:48 am

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While the patch isn't out yet, the video for the patch preview is. As usual the patch preview doesn't go into detail for everything that is changed in the patch, but it does give some of the more important changes. For this one, Kayle and Teemo are getting buffed and Teemo is getting a bug fix. For Kayle they're increasing her heal and the buffs from it to make her more viable as a tanky support, since they felt she wasn't really that great for either the tank or carry role.  Hopefully the increase will be enough to make her heals useful, instead of something you cast to boost a champions run speed. For Teemo, the only thing they mentioned was the bug fix, which has to do with his toxic shot, which gets nulled when your attack speed is over 1.0, which gimps his attack power making him a lot weaker than he should be. 

Mixed in with the buffs is a slight change to some of the runes, particularly the ones aimed at casters. Magic resist runes will be getting a slight nerf, while ap runes will be getting a slight buff, they said that they'll be doing this to make them a bit more viable for would be casters, and give them a bit more options than the just Magic resist build that some do. This will make those pure AP rune books a bit more viable and deadly early on.

There are also some added features coming in the new patch, the most notable one is the change to masteries. If you ever had to re-install LoL or do a repair, you most likely found out that masteries are client side and when you do a repair or re-install you need to assign them all again. That is a major pain when you need to do that, especially when you had 7+ mastery pages filled for different champions. Well in the upcoming patch, that will change. They stated that the masteries will now be hosted server side, which will get rid of the worry of having to re-do them when the game hiccups. Some of the other features on it's way is some UI updates, improved floating combat text, and some bot improvements. You can read those more in detail here http://goo.gl/VqV7U .

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