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Players can expect ‘an unprecedented level of game service operation’ from Steampunk MMORPG Neo-Steam



Open services for Steampunk MMORPG ‘Neo-Steam Global (www.neosteam.com)’ of HanbitSoft (CEO Young-Man Kim) have become available for the game players of the world since the 26th of last month. 


This will, in addition to Japan and China that are being serviced through partner companies, provide GSP (Global Service Platform) services to players in approximately 200 countries through servers in cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, LA, London and Frankfurt.


Jun-Ho Park, the leader of Neo-Steam’s Online Operations Division 2 kick-starting the global services, conveyed his intentions for global services through GSP by stating that the players can expect “an unprecedented level of game service operation”. Team Leader Jun-Ho Park, who is also the Marketing Leader, has given us a detailed explanation on Neo-Steam’s global service strategies and current international service status.  


<b>First, please briefly explain what kind of a game Neo-Steam is.</b>


Neo-Steam Online is a Steampunk MMORPG which is the first of its kind. Based on the world of Steampunk seen in the animations such as Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Future Boy Conan, Neo-Steam is a refreshingly different game which creates and develops cities, equipment and rides using not electricity but steam for energy.


The game presents 4 races and 2 nations. Because the 2 nations are in opposition, character battles and large-scale siege warfare take place. The visuals of the large-scale siege warfare will let the players feel the great magnitude of the battles.


<b>We hear that Neo-Steam is being called the ‘Little WoW’ in China.</b>


Neo-Steam was released 8 months after the release of WoW (World of Warcraft). I think the comparison is made based on the progression of the game through a series of quests and diverse playing methods. I think the operational know-how gained by China and Japan through the servicing of the WYD game has also contributed to the positive evaluation of Neo-Steam.


<b>How are Neo-Steam’s global service strategies utilizing the GSP (Global Service Platform) being formed?</b>


If you surf overseas game sites on the net, you will come across some PC online games you haven’t heard of and some of these games are being advertised rigorously. Most of these games are free with a partial-payment policy in place. Since the profit model of PC online games has stabilized, the competition in PC online game development has really picked up. Now, game services that are regionally restricted no longer have any meaning.


That’s why we saw the need for distinctive promotional strategies and participated in the GSP. The GSP can be a great marketing/promotional tool for a small/medium sized company like us. Having a great game but being unable to share it with the gamers of the world is meaningless, and the GSP has allowed us to service players in approximately 200 countries through servers in main server points in cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, LA, London and Frankfurt.


<b>The gamers that have been playing through the GSP service is worried that their GSP settings might be reset if local services are commenced in their countries in the future.</b>


I think that’s because some gamers have lost their trust in Gamengame.com which is a website with a collection of games currently receiving the GSP services. It had been in operation for quite a while and then sold the copyrights to a local publisher. But Neo-Steam will not desert its users in such a way.


We believe that the core of our global service strategies lies in an unprecedented level of operation services. As such, we promise to act as a guide to the gamers and provide optimum services.


<b>Can you give us an example of a positive and negative opinion amongst the reaction from overseas players?</b>


The most common complaint from Neo-Steam players is about the inconvenient keyboard operation in character control. They are requesting the ‘W’, ‘A’ and ‘S’ keys to be used which I think is a result of the players having been substantially influenced by WoW.


This issue cannot be easily solved as it doesn’t just require additional key-control functions but an overall modification of the game system which controls character movements. We can’t completely solve the issue that the players are facing from the OBT, but we are planning to apply a system which will move the character forward if the auto-move key is pressed.


For positive feedback, we have been complimented on Neo-Steam’s unique game concept based on the Steampunk animation genre as well as the rich contents and outstanding graphics.


<b>Lastly, tell us about Neo-Steam’s service schedule.</b>


We have WYD operational know-how in China and Japan, and our 20-something developers are busy checking the service statuses in each country. To start, we will analyze the registration and characteristics of the players for 1 to 2 months after OBT execution and then form a service schedule.


In terms of the contents, we are planning to add the Factory Dungeon and high-level fields, which are undisclosed settings, and consolidate the RvR system to provide the players with a wider variety of contents. And since the game contents in Korea, the first service area, are not being fully serviced, we will rectify this issue following the execution of the OBT.


Log on to Neo-Steam Global’s official homepage (www.neosteam.com) for Neo-Steam Global Client Download and further details. Client download is also available on Game & Game, the global service platform site of Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (www.gamengame.com); Mmosite, a foreign site on games; Gamershell; Atomicgamer and Cgenetwork.

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