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"the truth about santa"PART 2/ project element fighters :3

hi! me again heres the "PART 2" of "THE TRUTH about santa" X3, i hope you guys like it (^ ^)

Part 2

Power up!!

“Fantasy can’t mix with reality….” That’s what I always say….until now…”


The chocolate just jumped! The thing was alive, and it was going straight to me!!! Then suddenly a little dude jumped!! And cut the thing in half! I was like *WTF!?

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the truth about santa/my little project (UPDATE)


Hi! This is a little project i’m doing for school. My teacher always said that I have a head but don’t use it right, just for what I want so I’m writing this book called "The Truth About Santa". It’s just a little project that started with a joke and you know, I start making some stuff, so here is my "closed beta" of the project. I’m just gonna leave you guys t

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hi!!! i have some questions.. :3/ and what do you think about this?

part1- question
.......oh right...hi... im still a noob here so i dont realy know (or i cant find it) but i have some questions 2 ask you guys ...
1-why is my avatar allways different from the one i upload? it i upload 1 but i wanna change it but its still the same(was the same for 2 days)
2- can i put a animated gif as avatar? :3
3- can i put music on my "home"?? i open my page and the music starts 2 play over and over again?
4- does any1 like cats???
 done ty!
oh for the ppl that comment my stuff ..sorry i didnt reply didnt know ^.^;
part2- what do you think?? :3

.......sorry 2 bug you guys...
BY: Sil(153)
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who think cats are awesome?

hi im just asking who loves cats??  cats are 1000 times better then dogs! why? you ask?
1- you dont need 2 walk then the learn where 2....you know
2- there more silent they dont start bow bow bow BOW at night!
3- they just rule
 and here is proof that cat can beat a dog!!!OPS!!! sorry wrong pic 


nice kick dude..... 1 point for us man!

By: Sil(153) & Zarymura(shinigami)
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hi .."mmorpg the system is the same in most games" but the fight!!

hi... in most mmorpg the system  is the same in most games:

lv up- in all mmorpg theres the thing of lv up, most players just lv up in games and some do it like crazy playing the game 24/7 and useing item mall thing so they can get more exp or more $$ etc. the "lv up" is the thing we mormaly use 2 see the players skill if a players as a high lv we can see that his good and strong.

armor/items/weapons- i belive this is the best part the equip you have the items you can use in battle and the armor you use. this makes players do quest so they can get special items, armors, weapons, etc. we most of the time can see by the armor there useing if they are good(but some players like 2 hinde this fact so they can get some por newby and kill him... the horror!!). but we all love 2 play a game useing a good armor and weapons its makes  us feel good :3

story- i think that a good mmorpg needs a good story line, i belive this makes the game like a movie! and you r the hero!(yay) but this helps 2 by seeing the story we can find out what we need 2 do 2 get 2 the end! yay, personaly i cant play a game with out seeing the story i think the game get more exciting.

goal- whats the

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i ask you the players for help, my school work "best online game" :3

HI, we all know that theres 1 thing that put us down ..and thats school but.. i try 2 make it fun( if its possibel) .
So im doing a date colecting about the best online game and i would like 2 have you guys opinion about what is the best game online
(^ ^) tyvm for you time
plz leave you r best online game tyvm
By:Sil(153) & Zarymura(shinigami)
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HI to all!!! im Sil(153) nice 2 know ya

hi im new here i just like 2 say hi 2 all players and hope we can get along (PS: i dont like fight so i make friends :3)
at first eye this place rocks!! its realy cool 2 see so many ppl that play some of the games i like
so im sil(153) and this is my shinigami Zarymura(-^,^-) LOL
hope you guys like having me around
By Sil(153) & Zarymura
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life.. it flys way.. you only know it when its over.... one day having nothing better 2 do.. i look at the sky and sayd - why am i here?.. this question no 1 can answer..
most ppl tell 2 stop dreaming an wake up 2 reality..but if reality is 2 work and get all bored... i like 2 sleep.... for exemple im writing this becuase im bored :3.... (~ ~) here are some of the phare iv seen and think they can put you 2 think
"if i fight folow me, if i die avange me, if i run kill me"- by my friend
"grow old.. or die trying" by portal
"life is like a river it never stops..only end at the waterfall" by myself
"we fight 2 protect what we love the most" by my friend and most anime :3
 " in live there are no rules its kill or get killed" by myself
"i dont think im special.. dont think i deserve this life...but  who does?" by myself
 hope this has answer some of you questions in live.... but i think not...
hope 2 see you again
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