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Heeey guys!
Are you all excited about Aion's CE, Besta Tests and Pre-order exclusive intens? Well, I hope you are, 'cause Amazon.com finally revealed  its exclusive in-games bonus for those who made the pre-order of the game. And guess what? They'll give bea keys to all beta tests too!! Here's the list of Amazon's in-game pre-oder bonus as well as ALL THE BETA TESTS DATES as well as the content of each Beta Test (Changes may apply...hehehe)

Aion Pre-Order Bonus Extras

Pre-order Aion at Amazon.com and get exclusive in-game items, as well as early access to Aion. Offer good while supplies last. The offer is good for either Aion game below when sold and shipped by Amazon.com. Unique codes to unlock the bonus items will be delivered three (3) days prior to each beta event. Limit one code per customer. Customers purchasing two unique qualifying games (the collector's and standard editions) will receive two codes. All pre-orders come with the following:

  • Access to Aion Beta features:
  • Early head-start access to Aion live game
  • Access to Aion server and character pre-selection
  • In-game items:
  • The Ancient Ring of Earth (exclusive to Amazon.com)
  • The Black Cloud Helmet (stat boost)
  • The Lodas Amulet (XP boost)
  • Beta Event access for the following dates:
  • June 19-21 (explore the Elyos race and select zones)
  • July 3-5 (explore the Asmodian race and select zones)
  • July 17-19 (explore the Asmodian race and select zones)
  • August 14-16 (explore both races & the abyss)
  • August 14-16 (explore both races & the abyss)

    Happy shopping and have a lot of fun in the wonderful world of Aion!!
    PS: You can also pre-oder the game and receive in-games bonus as well as the Beta Keys @ GameStop ;D

    For information about the Collector's Edition contents and pre-order links, visit:


Aion Pre-oder Bonus  

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