Korean Developer Acts Nazi Army to Promote Karma II

By: killermu posted at Jan 20, 2009 12:16 am

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You probably never imagine in such a cold winter afternoon in South Korea, a group of Nazi cosplayers(maybe they are not) who were half nake and wearing old German army uniforms, appeared in the street at downtown of Seoul, the time was Jan 17th. They were not the fanatical militarists aiming to take over the city but to promote a new “the World War II theme based “MMOFPS, Karma II, which is developed by Dragonfly.

Look at their muscles, lol. Okay you won

According to several passers-by, this "army" did cause a tiny surprise in the downtown, they were shouting and holding the banner of Karma II, but after realizing it was a promotion, more and more citizens joined them to take photos.

I couldn't find more information about Karma II, only what I know it is a MMOFPS. But on their offcial site, you can find some useful information related to Karma Online, which has been released in 2002.

However, firstly when I read this news, it really made me sick especially when I see the fact they wear the Nazi uniform. I don't think it could be explained as "fun", it definitely would hurt someone's feelings. Developers may use history as element to make their games better, but there is always a line out there which you'd better not to cross. Like this(the following picture), is it fun?? I hope no Jews were there when they tried to say "Heil, Hitler!"

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