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Tree of Savior iCBT impressions

I partnered up with mmosite.com to bring you my Tree of Savior international closed beta test impressions. I have tried out two of the four base classes and got my highest level character, Archer, to 59 (circle 3 class advancement). I haven't been following this game at all, I did some quick research but nothing major. My impressions are as of an entirely new, fresh player. Also note: the game is still in development and many aspects of it can change.

About the game:

Tree of Savior (ToS) is a MMORPG developed by a Korean company IMC Games with development led by Kim Hakkyu, the lead designer of Ragnarok Online (1998-2001). In Korea the game is published by Nexon and international version is currently published by IMC Games themselves. The international closed beta test (iCBT) started o

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First look at Black Desert (Final KR CBT)


Ladies and gentlemen, I've teamed up with mmosite.com to bring you this first look at Black Desert from my point of view. I have tested the game during it’s final closed beta test between September 17 and 28. Although I had to juggle between several games and there were many (almost daily) maintenances and patches, I have to say that my experience was mainly positive.


So what is Black Desert? Black Desert is a sandbox MMORPG developed by a South Korean studio Pearl Abyss and published by Daum Communications. Game’s setting is medieval fantasy world that leans more towards Western-looking than anything else, although not forgetting the Oriental. Black desert is using an in-house developed engine which allows developers to adjust, optimize and improve it at any given time. Discla

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Revisiting the World of Twelve: Wakfu Asia F2P.


Last time I've played Wakfu was two years ago when it was in beta phase on Ankama's international servers. I immediately liked the game despite it's flaws in terms of repetitiveness and lack of content, but then again I liked original Korean MMORPGs with their grind and farming.

Wakfu charmed me with it's silly animations and colorful art-style, an interesting take on classes and ofcourse a wast crafting and gathering system with an added twist in form of an ecology system.

However in the end it wasn't enough to get me subscribing. The resolution quality is very low and I need eye candy even though I'd rarely stop to admire the scenery. Plus it's over the top grindy! Let's be honest here, this day and age only a very few MMOs can get away with charging a monthly subscription AND bein

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Blade & Soul CN Diary: Day 2

Day 2.

The day started with a queue. This time it was a bit shorter, so I was able to play for a about three hours before maintenance.

Yesterday I made a mistake with class quests. I didn't understand that you have to click in quest log on certain quests to open up a text scroll "thing" which advances your quest, so I had to teleport around and visit old instances. Class quests are pretty simple, they introduce you to new skills that you open up while leveling (no need to learn them from NPC). I had also some confusion about a couple of side quests. First one with red faction's pvp costume (you got yellow faction's earlier). Turns out you had to wear it while in the house you received that quest from. Second quest was with a blue and a yellow gem, I didn't notice, at first, that t

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Blade & Soul CN Diary: Day 1

Just thought to keep a diary while playing Blade and Soul Chinese version. I will try to share my thoughts and impressions about the game.

First of all I would like to thank all those people that spent their time writing all the guides for BnS CN. Without them it would be really hard to register and sign up for the game. Guides that translate all the game systems and recommendations on how to proceed and what items to aim for in game are of a great help and are greatly appreciated.


After downloading and installing the game I started browsing some forums to see which server people chose to play in and what is generally recommended. I've chosen a server with lowest ping and it actually had lots of non-Chinese players. Unfortunately that server (and sub server) is pretty much full

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Wakfu: starting guide for Sram (Air)


Note: client version 0.312.71104

Hi and welcome to my newest Wakfu character guide. This time we'll have a look at an assassin-type character, Sram. A fun note, like a lot of Ankama's made up names, this one comes from Mars, but backwards. It could be either a planet Mars or a french word for a month of March. Attention, please read all of this guide before starting playing!

Like in my Cra guide, I will mainly focus on strategies I used while leveling up. By the way, Ankama recently did a character wipe and will do one as well before game's official release in February (source: Inside Ankama On Air - Episode 14). This could also mean that Sram's skills and stats could be changed in the future.

After logging in and going through character creation, you start off in Incarnam, the start

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Wakfu: starting guide for Cra (Air)

Hi, I've been playing Beta version of Wakfu on server Remington (UK/Int). I have leveled a few chars past starting levels and actually I have three Cra characters, so I have been goofing around, looking how to level up fast.


In this blog article, I will give you some tips on how to level your Cra fast to level 20 (and higher). Levels 1-15 shouldn't take you more than 1-2 hours if you will follow my example.


First of all a bit about Wakfu www.wakfu.com/. The game is published by Ankama, a french company. It is a 2D game with a third person view (from above-ish). Combat is turn based with maximum of 30s per turn. Wakfu is pretty much a sandbox pvp game. Yes, currently the main focus of the game is pvp and a bit of politics. At the moment you basically level up to try to conquer a

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A look on: Final Fantasy XIV v.1.18

After reading a FF14 review on mmorpg.com, just a few days before this long awaited patch hit the servers (last patch was in SEP 2010), I was surprised at why they didn't wait instead. Whether it was poor journalism or not, in the end it didn't matter as what it seemed to me, reviewer didn't play all that deep into the game. This is however very understandable, FF14 you see, doesn't really have a tutorial. Weather we like to admit it or not, but a gamer subconsciously wants to be "held by hand" for the first few minutes when stepping into an unknown game.

I first tried this game back in open beta (pic below). I liked what I saw (damn, I love catgirls), but probably like most of players back then, my computer hardware was... outdated. First thing I was hit back then, was lack o

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