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Lasers, stars, weird looking guns, battleships and last but not least, an astounding view of the universe and beyond. No, it’s not a re-run of “Star Trek.” (Good guess, though.) It’s a new online space game based on thousands of different player-controlled galaxies. “Galaxy Online,” developed by the same team behind games such as “Tales of Pirates” and “God’s War,” will be released this month.

The game is kicking up a storm and sucking many players in. The official forums, which were launched yesterday, already feature an abundance of praise for the game. Most frequently touched upon are the ‘cool battles’ and ‘building a galaxy of your own’ (mostly opinions from screenshots and videos). Another cool aspect of the game is the user interactivity within the environment.

Players have the ability to take their fleet of battleships and customize them to their needs. They can also alter the position and variety of planets within their galaxy. Speaking of galaxies, it’s not enough to just own one — that would be boring. According to the official website, one must create customize, control and most importantly defend their galaxies whilst having the ambition to expand their galaxies by conquering.

IGG has described the game as follows:

“’Galaxy Online’ is set across the vast universe. Battles rage constantly and in this galactic sphere, the law of the jungle rules. Players must promote their strength ceaselessly to maintain their position, and only the bravest and wisest commander can be the King! Players may like the many thoughtful design elements in the game, such as smart client, convenient galaxy trustee system, individual and intelligent Plug-ins system, all of which let players experience wonderful feelings whilst playing the game!”

Posted by Dean Sherwin
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