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Attempting to bring the player-versus-player experience of MMOs to a wider audience, Multiverse has released the flash-based gladiatorial sim “Battle.”

Similar to the gameplay in the free-to-play “Guild Wars,” players can only choose six different skills to bring into each one-on-one arena-style battle. Being able to choose between 13 skills across three different categories should make each battle unique, but like any MMO, some builds will probably prove more popular (and possibly overpowered) than others.

Corey Bridges, co-founder and executive producer at Multiverse, said “‘Battle’ is the first glimpse of a whole new level of excitement in casual games. While new players can begin having fun in seconds, experienced gamers will be thrilled to finally see in a web browser the kind of action and graphics they’ve found on consoles and in massively multiplayer online games. We’re confident ‘Battle’ is going to redefine players’ expectations of what’s possible in casual games.”

Since the game is built on a flash-based platform, it’s available to play on all the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and whatever flash-supported networks the whippersnappers and social butterflies are into these days.

As of writing I’m the only person playing, so as much as I’d like to communicate my impressions, doing so wouldn’t be very fair.

Posted by Kyle Stallock
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