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Razor is a semi-carry that is built for durability and as well as an anti-carry role. As Razor you want to stay in the fight as long as possible to drain the opposing team’s damage and use it against them. Razor cannot hard carry so he works best when the team already has a hard carry. If not then you want to end the game around 40 minutes.


Plasma Field

Plasma Field is Razor’s nuke and makes a circle around Razor and expands and goes back. The targets take more damage the farther the Plasma Field is from Razor. This makes it great for attacking people who you are chasing and as well as pulling multiple packs of neutrals. The damage is amazing for early game and still pretty great for mid game, but in late game Plasma Field’s power starts to die down. It’s also great for getting vision when you’re chasing.

Great spot to get all three radiant neutral camps at this spot.

Static Link

Static Link drains your target’s damage and adds it to Razor’s damage. A Static Link will come out and make a link between you and your target and doesn’t break until the target gets out of range or if they use blink. So if you put this on units who use invisibility before they go invisible then they can still drain and track them for a while. This is your main anti-carry spell. You generally want to put this on the highest damage dealer in the opposing team and drain their damage.

Unstable Current

Unstable current makes Razor faster and attacks and slow units that use spells on him. Razor doesn’t need Unstable Current much, but it does help him catch up and attack enemies easier. It also purges units, making the unit slow as well as removing certain buffs on the hero.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm creates a storm cloud above Razor which strikes the enemy with the lowest HP around him. Each hit from the storm also reduces the armor of the target by one for every strike and lasts until Eye of the Storm's duration. Great skill to have while fighting ancients since you can kill them early on and Eye of the Storm hits magic immune units. Heroes with Black King Bar can also be hit by Eye of the Storm and goes well with Aghanim's Scepter and Refresher Orb.


Starting Items

One set of Tangos, three Ironwood Branches, a magic stick, and finally slippers of agility. This setup gives you decent regeneration, and six extra damage for last hitting. If you are low on regeneration you should be able to buy more when you need it, but with this you are able to have an easier time last hitting and getting more gold for your team.

Core Items

Phase Boots – These are great for Razor and almost always on every Razor player. Phase boots gives a good amount of damage early on where it makes it a lot easier for Razor to last hit. In addition to that, Phase boots gives a small speed boost to help chase down heroes as well as pass through creeps that are in the way between him and his Static Link target.

Magic Wand – Because you start off with 3 Ironwood branches and a magic stick, having a Magic Wand isn’t a bad idea and can be useful if you have those moments where you’re slightly low on mana or the opposing team decides to gank you and it is used to heal you early on.

Drums of Endurance - Generally I use Drums of Endurance as my early survivability and chasing item. It’s very cost efficient and gives Razor more movement speed, allowing him to chase heroes down or even run away from an unfavorable encounter. The stats and bonus damage also helps Razor stay alive, last hit more, and as well as use his skills.

Ring of Aquila – Many heroes may have Ring of Basilius already, but Razor needs mana to be able to farm more decently. Ring of Aquilia is a cheap way for Razor to get enough mana to farm neutrals and quickly spam his Plasma Field to clear waves.

Black King Bar – Black King Bar is close to a core item as I consider this item amazing on almost every carry. This will stop stuns from being casted on you and keep you in the battle for a longer time. The extra health and damage will also keep you up for a while.

Heaven’s Halberd – Razor synergizes with this item really well. While fighting other team’s carry by yourself you can easily take them down by stealing their damage as well as disabling their ability to burn your health down. During a team fight situation you are able to cripple two heroes who deal damage by using their normal attacks which can be real helpful.

Pipe of Insight – Great to pick up when the opposing team has many casters. This reduces the amount of damage you take as well as give great health regeneration.

Situational Items

Heart of Tarrasque – Heart of Tarrasque helps out Razor by making his HP pool higher, and regenerating health when out of combat. This can help if you’re chasing heroes, running away from heroes, or even in team fights you could put your important spells and after using them wait in the back to regenerate more health and go back into the fray.

Eye of Skadi – This Item is great for Razor later on. This helps reduce the attack speed of your targets so you are able to cripple the enemy heroes even further. If you’re chasing it also helps you catch up to them to do a few more blows.

Aghanim's Scepter - Great for doing more damage with your Eye of the Storm. Also helps push towers and barracks. Mainly you want to get this if your team doesn't have a hard carry.

Refresher Orb - Only picked up when you have an Aghanim's Scepter. Used to have two instances of Eye of the Storm and deals over 10,000 damage over it's duration.

Blade Mail - Used when not doing well early on and require less expensive items to keep you in the fight. Can also be used late game to reflect damage back to enemies when everyone focuses you.

Visual guide on the item build.

Skill build

At the start you want your Static Link since your Plasma field doesn’t do much at the start. Then max out your Plasma Field first. Next level your Static Link max. Make sure you don’t get any points on Eye of the Storm until level 10. At level 9 get 1 point of Unstable Current then 2 points into Eye of the Storm. Afterwards finish your Unstable Current and fill up on stats.

Some people get Unstable Current first. However, I don’t feel like it does much at all. Static Link is amazing for stealing extra damage off people, making it harder for them to last hit, easier for you and can potentially lead to a kill. You want to hold off your Eye of the Storm since in fights it doesn’t help you too much. At level 11 you should be able to solo a stack of ancients. Just make sure that if you have a hard carry ask if they need ancients first. Make sure NOT to stack ancients for Razor since he can’t kill multiple stacks faster. After when your hard carry is able to fight ancients then you should leave them and try to stack them.

Visual guide on the skill build.

Early Game

You want to get a bunch of last hits and if enemies end up too close then use your static link to steal some damage. Focus on last hits and try to deny only if you don’t have any creeps to last hit. You can play aggressive in lane but not too much since Razor is quite squishy early game still. His Plasma field is amazing for chasing people or even some light harassing. Make sure if you want to chase heroes that they’re really low on health where you can finish them off with one attack and one Plasma Field. Otherwise it is safer to wait until you farmed up your phase boots.

Here's what you want to have for the start of the match

Mid Game

Around this time you should have your Eye of the Storm and you want to kill the ancients every time your ultimate’s cooldown is up. During this time there will be team fights and you want make sure you are absolutely able to kill the hero before going in. Otherwise continue farming neutrals, pushing lanes, and killing ancients.

Eye of the Storm hurts Ancients too so remember to use it to get early farm.

Late Game

Razor’s strength is around the mid or early game and rarely in the late game. If you have a hard carry with you then you will be able to support your carry by disabling your opponent’s carries while yours is killing all their heroes. If Razor is your carry you can still manage however as more and more time advances Razor’s power diminishes so make haste!

Razor’s Friends and Enemies.

Razor fights well with almost anyone with a stun as it can give him more time to Static Link and deal more damage. Slows helps too, but stuns are a lot better half of the time. Notable Mentions are Nature’s Prophet, Clockwerk, and Bane. All of these heroes have spells that don’t aren’t traditional stuns, but help out Razor by keeping them immobile while still allowing him to drain damage. Enemies that Razor hates to deal with are Anti Mage, Queen of Pain, Puck, and Storm Spirit. These heroes have abilities to break your Static Link easily so it makes it harder for you to deal damage. Which ends up with you losing one of your crippling abilities.

This guide is published on Steam Community as well so feel free to use this guide to help you play Razor in the future.


If you want to see more of my reviews and guides please check out my Age of Wushu

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