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Heroes of the Realm Review

Heroes of the Realm is a browser game published by OGPlanet. It has elements where you need to balance your resources, manage time, and level up your heroes. It's fairly basic, easy to play, and fairly enjoyable.


Gameplay for Heroes of the Realm is basically towns, battling, PvP. You have your towns to manage your resources, and heroes, while for battling you don't really do much but watch your heroes stomp on the opposing team. Like most browser games most of the game is about managing your resources, and checking in from time to time to collect them and get more. Construction, researching, and resource gathering takes time. To play this game well you have to know how to manage your time, and make sure you don't waste energy and use your buildings to their maximum potential. Of course paying cash or playing the game longer will get you an advantages. Since paying can finish tasks really quickly or remove cooldowns, paying will have a slight advantage. However, there's no way you can obtain more energy by paying so your actions and levels won't be a lot lower to people who pay. So if you want to be first in this game you better invest lots of cash and lots of time. For battles you don't have much to do except for preparation before hand. Such as making sure your team's formation is good, maxing out their attack and defence as well as using groups that synergize well, and equipping your heroes with the correct gear. The gameplay somewhat fun at first however the gameplay becomes a bit stale as you play more and more. If you feel the game is really fun then being the same isn't too bad. However they could have made it better by having custom sprites for each hero. Although that would be require lots from the development team I think it's a good idea in order to make the game a bit more fresh and exciting for people. The tutorial is helpful, but it can be easily skipped and players can lose a bit of information. Thankfully the game is easy enough to be able to play around with the features and understand it in a while.

I was NOT expecting this to be the fights...


There's not really much to comment on the graphics of Heroes of the Realm since it's not really a 3D MMORPG nor does it have lots of effects. The artwork for cards, characters, and a few buildings are well done. Most of the game isn't that appealing in terms of graphics. The characters in the cards aren't changed in battle and there's not much reason to get rarer cards beside the stats and abilities. For a browser game it's not too terrible. It's not amazing looking, but it's still good enough that it's somewhat pleasing to the eyes.

Mmmhh~ Mystic looks nice = w =


There's not much to say about the sound about the game. The theme is always the same and never changes. It's not too bad at least it has some music to remind you about the game. Most browser games won't have this so it's not bad. The sound effects sound different to each other so it's easy to know what is happening when you're multi-tasking. There's no sounds for constructions so it's going to be hard to get your upgrades, research and buildings on time. Later in the game everything will take much longer so whether that's a good thing or bad thing is up to you. Combat sounds are alright and they match the actions of the heroes well. Although most people will use the skip battle option so it's not too much of a big deal.


There's not too much customization. Of course you'll be able to customize how your team of heroes fight, who they are, what bonus they carry, as well as the equipment they carry. For players though there isn't much to differentiate with the other players. For some people that's not too bad and for others it sort of ruins the game for them. Players may only choose between approximately 15 avatars. There doesn't seem to be an option to change them in the future and they don't really do much. Something they could have done is allow the players to use a Hero that they have and use that as an avatar. They already have multiple heroes however they don't utilize it enough. Teams also don't show many graphic changes and each class has their own unit sprite instead of having individual or even special ones for rare units.

This is how your town looks like, not too bad but at the same time not too good.


PvP or Player versus player consists of building an arena and fighting other player's team of heroes. Using this method you can fight with other players whether you're online or offline. Most of the time though if you're offline your fights will be losses since you want to pick easy targets. The more points you have the more Honor you get to buy rings that are PvP exclusive and gives your heroes more power. The fights aren't that exciting and finding weak players can be a chore. Having random matches with higher rewards would do a lot better though. There's also a feature where you can raid other faction's towns. By doing this you can steal other player's resources and add it to your own. It's good to be aware of what resources you need since each faction will give you more of 1 resource if you're lacking it. So if you need food then you will have raid the blue faction and if you want manastones you'll have to raid the green faction. If you're the red faction and you need ores then you're in trouble because you can't raid your own faction. Luckily you have an extra mine to get ore from so it won't be so bad. There's also League where it's a bracket with 1v1 fights every now and then. The first player of each bracket will get a necklace exclusive to league fights.

Gameplay: 7/10

Graphics: 7.5/10

Sound 7/10

Customization 5/10

PvP: 8/10

I really thought this would be more of a TCG game than resource management.

Overall Heroes of the Realm is a pretty decent game. It can be deceiving that it's an strategy TCG game . It's not a A+ type of game like the games that huge companies do. However, it's a good time waster and not so bad that people who pay will have a huge advantage to free players. I'm free and I'm rank 98 so that's not too terrible. It's kinda fun and a bit addictive, so I would say give it a try. My final verdict is 7/10 for Heroes of the Reach. It's great for a few minutes every hour or 30 minutes but it's hard to pay for hours and hours and still have fun with it.

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