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It's been a long while since I've posted the last DoTA match for Team MMOSite. For the people who have been waiting for this, I'm sorry that it took so long too many exams hitting me hard. This match was played 1 year ago so bear with me as I talk about a really old match xD

MMOSite is still trying to increase their DoTA 2 community making it more interactive and we're getting a bigger team this time. Again we allowed the community to vote on which hero you wanted us to play as. Although the team composition wasn't great we still pushed forward and tried our best.

Our team, the Dire once again selected Lich(Zephy), Sniper(Collussus), Shadow Fiend(Kelleranna), Lifestealer(Nak123), and finally Tidehunter(iLovecat). Although iLovecat wasn't supposed to use Tidehunter we let it slide and just played anyways. Our opposing team, the Radiant pits us against Shadow Demon, Sven, Vengeful Spirit, Morphling, and Pudge.

Both team compositions can be considered good and bad. Team MMOSite has absolutely no stuns (except for ravage) so that is a bit of a disadvantage to us. However our team makes up for the lack with stuns with 3 AoE spells. Chain Frost isn't exactly an AoE spell, but has similar properties where it works best on multiple heroes. On the Radiants side it's nearly exactly the opposite where they don't have any AoE spells, but all their heroes have a stun or a disable.

Top lane fight with Lich and Shadow Demon dying. Shadow Demon seems to be on the shorter end of the stick though.

On top lane it's Lich and Lifestealer against Sven and Shadow Demon. Big advantage for team as we have both top lane advantage and Lich's ritual to keep the creeps pulled back while harassing the opposing team. The match ups for the middle lane are Pudge versus Shadow Fiend. Pudge can work really well in mid lane if he can get some kills. Shadow Fiend on the other hand is great too, but only to help buff him up for late game. Lastly bottom lane with Tidehunter and Sniper facing off with Vengeful Spirit and Morphling. Dire's bottom lane will have a tough time to fight since their skills are quite passive and aren't too powerful at lower levels. In addition both Radiant heroes are ranged and have good harassing skills as well as the lane advantage.

Team MMOSite uses all their AoE Ultimates and kills of a good number of heroes.

Radiant's side had been doing fairly well during the early game, but completely lost in the later portion of the game. As the game progressed more and more our team's heroes became much stronger as well as our synergy became better. The Radiant didn't do a good enough job of picking off heroes and feeding off of them. Sometimes however they had been too aggressive when our teammates were there. Members of the Dire also were too greedy at times and gotten easily killed. On the Radiant's side the best player would have to be Morphling. Overall Morphling has the least deaths and saved himself multiple times by switching agility to strength. Pudge also did well, but near the end he starts to walk alone most of the time without wards. By not having wards it turns into a huge downfall for him. Vengeful Spirit also needs to be more aggressive and use stun a lot more. Many times in team fights Vengeful Spirit will still have her Magic Missile on standby. For Dire I would have to say Nak123 or Lifestealer for helping the team slow down multiple running targets or just ambushing by hiding in allies. Kelleranna got killed too many times during the beginning, however managed to get back up at the end. My Chain Frosts were somewhat in the middle. Sometimes it wouldn't do anything at all and other times It did a good amounts of damage.

My favorite part of the match :D. Shadow Demon gets killed by Roshan because he thinks we're chasing him when we're not.

Team MMOSite wins another victory even with a weirdly balanced team. The opposing team didn't play too well and missed their opportunity to win with the last push. The best part has got to be Shadow Demon's death with Roshan. If you wish to join Team MMOSite please visit the thread on MMOSite's DoTA 2 forums. Any suggestions for our team is welcomed and feel free to post them on the DoTA 2 forums from MMOSite.

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