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Mytheon Online
Keitoussai of MMOsite
Play Through (As talked about here 1-5), out of playthrough: 13

                Mytheon features an old styled almost RTS MMOrpg. Surely it’s a new concept, but does it work? It’s a game based on Greek mythology, featuring the players as the stonecasters; powerful humans imbued with the magical abilities of the gods.

VIDEO playthrough::



Mytheon starts like any other old game, with an intro slapped on and a login screen. I did not research the game before playing it so I did not know what to expect. I do this on purpose; to estimate just how easy is it to follow along and just how hard any class system might be. As such, I was extremely surprised with the graphics… in a bad way. Sorry to say, but the graphics are horrendous and fall below Titan Quest, a game from four years ago (yeah that’s not too bad). The graphics were playable however, but nothing appealed to me at all. The women’s breasts looked like muscular pex of a man!

                That aside. It was character creation time. There are three classes to pick from, each are very distinct as to what their roles are. The Warcaster, the Warrior, Eidolon, the mage, and Elementalist, the healer. I go for the Warcaster first as it is the easiest to learn in any game, or most of any game. You start out in some remote area; the chat was completely clear. Walking forward, you get your tutorial journal logs telling you how to move and so forth. This took me a good few minutes to realize, you point and click to move, it’s not WASD anymore as most games are these days. This was awkward for me but I adjusted. The first NPC’s you encounter give you your first quest and also a tome that you can read. (I believe the first tome you read is about the Golden Fleece). These tomes offer simplified and summarized versions of the historical texts of mythical tales. This was pretty neat I suppose; but I got tired of it plainly because I know a lot of Myth stories already but it’s always nice to revisit them.

                So we enter the Gardens of Echidna. Funfun; or so I thought. You learn the combat system here, or what they thought would be a good idea for a combat system. Your skills are a bunch of stone tablets, hence why you are a Stone Caster, that you can activate to get something cool to happen. The Warcaster just so happens to be the summoner. I summoned skeleton archers, minotaur kings, stone golems and a whole mess of things… AT THE SAME TIME! I just started killing things around me so easily, it didn’t even matter what level or what the monster was… All I know is that it can and will die by me. Before I knew it, I was level 2 (net-time was perhaps 1 minute of killing in this fashion). I felt the need to goto higher level monsters. As I was level 2, I traveled to level 4-5 monsters and kill them using the summons. I shook my head in distaste and continued to do the quests.

                The quests are the same as always. Kill this, kill that, bring this item back, get fantastic loot. There isn’t really anything too fancy or great about this system.

                So then I thought, maybe the Warcaster is just a broken class? And so onward to the Eidolon I go which offered one-shot kill spells to most of the monsters on level with you, and perhaps a two shot on anything three levels higher.  Eidolons also get their own summons, in which I got what I thought was a water spirit and a succubus…

I’m sorry mates… but I had to stop here. I was just not enjoying the game at all.

                Was it truly unfair that I did not give this game much of a chance? I finished about ten quests, got to level 13, and was still not interested at the very least. Not even the smallest glimmer of hope that something would fix this game up. Anyhow; here comes the review.

                The game overall feels like Diablo 2 or Titanquest without it’s indepth gameplay, where competitive players can build up to their own expectations of a class and match against other players to see who is better. It was as if Mytheon stripped away Diablo 2 to its shell and used that for a game, adding their own world and lore. The game is lacking to say the least.

                The game however has a PVP element to it, including an arena and scenario battlegrounds. There is a queue system as there are in most games, but I never got the chance to play one (I don’t think anyone was playing at the time… that or there was simply no population on the face of Mytheon).

                There is a quick travel if you’ve visited some town and so forth (which you would have to talk to a waypoint manager before you gain the quick travel). The quick travel (as seen on my video portion) is in your map, click the destination and away you go.

                The community… What community? I shouted multiple times in the chat and got no response… did everyone die? I played 10 PM (CST), 6 AM (CST), and also 5 PM (CST). Nothing at all… *weed tumbles by* hum….

                The hotkeys are interchangeable for you guys who like to use custom keys, I use default anyhow.

                The game itself is fairly easy to learn how to play along with the constant HELP pages that pop up along your journey.

                Overall… I do not recommend this game at all… Sorry to all those who like this game, it was a hopeless attempt for me… I rather play Titan Quest.


Playability: 2/10
“I rather play Titan Quest”


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