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I absolutely adore my Whipper. Ever since beta i knew i was going to be maining this class and i haven't regretted it even once. Sure everyone knows whipper is the queen of aoe but that's not all she is!

Multiple viable builds

As a whipper, i dislike fighting other whippers. We may all be AOE users but it that doesn't mean you'll know what to expect once you've been snagged with "Hook and Sinker". The first thing you need to do is look past the fact that nearly all our skills are area of effect. The more important thing you need to pay attention to is the way our skills are divided into skill trees. Chakra build whippers can choose to specialize in 3 different types of damage for their aoe! "Voltage" skills allow whippers to disable enemy skills in a very wide area. Whippers that choose to specialize in this tree will be able to extend the length of their skill disabling as well as the number of targets affected in their range along with the range itself. One of the Voltage skills doesn't require a target so it's entirely possible for a voltage whipper to run into a crowd and simply use the skill, damaging and disabling multiple targets in a wide area for an extensive period of time! Unfortunately, voltage skills tend to have some pretty long cool down times too so voltage whippers usually pick one or two single target skills from the first tree.

The gravity tree is all about applying debuffs on your enemies. There are more gravity skills than any other skill tree and they have very short cooldowns allowing for easy spamming or rotation. These debuffs themselves can affect things from defense to chakra resistance to even critical hit rates. One of them is even a stun, allowing you to keep your enemy from fleeing while you stuff their face with more debuffs. Gravity whippers are the most common thanks to spammable nature. Having so many skills available at such short cooldown times makes it an excellent damage dealing tree, and it can become more potent depending on the order of your skill rotation. Should you stun first to buy enough time to inflict as many debuffs as you can on a helpless enemy? Or should you disable the enemy's defense and then focus on your hardest hitting spells? What if you destroy the enemy's chakra resistance and take advantage of gravity's chakra damage bonus? The order you decide on can easily effect the outcome. The flexibility gravity whippers have can easily fail them if they simply rely on spamming their skills instead of tailoring their rotation to certain enemy types/classes.

Gotta love the Plasma tree though! These aoe skills inflict damage over time by setting fire to a large area with your whip! There is no way to resist the dot and the chance to have it inflicted on an enemy is 100% as long as you can hit them so make sure you're also building your chakra accuracy. Like voltage skills, focusing on plasma tree allows you to increase the range, number of affected targets, and how long the dot damage lasts. And like voltage skills, one of the plasma skills doesn't require a target, allowing you to aoe a crowd and keep moving without ever selecting an enemy. The plasma tree's skills also stack, so you may inflict multiple dot effects at once without them interfering with each other. Personally, i find great satisfaction watching an enemy player turn tail and run while on fire, only to collapse in the distance.

And THAT why whipper is the aoe queen. It's not just the crazy number of aoe skills she possesses. It's the diversity of their effects and how easy it is to tailor her skills to your liking. And i didn't even touch on her self buffs(+500 resistance to ALL chakra!) or her passives(Straight +defense or +HP% increases!).


I've avoided talking about the obvious draw in Scarlet Blade in favor of confirming how much i like or dislike the rest of the game. But in my opinion, Whipper is easily sexier than the other Arkana. But that beautiful brown skin is OP(Needs nerfed) so I guess there wasn't really a contest here. I wouldn't call picking a character based on looks a smart choice, considering this is a pvp focused game, but luckily Whipper's looks are quite the bonus on top of her playability. Go whipper!

There was a much creepier paragraph right here earlier delving into how each arkana has a theme to their sexiness. Whipper's being bdsm. That edit button is magical. Here, have some screenshots instead.

Master Soloist

Just about every Arkana is a pretty good soloist but Whipper really goes above and beyond here. Having both a straight defense passive as well as a passive that increases her hp by a percentage instead of straight hp allows any build of whipper to walk through the quests and get to the meat of the game(pvp) very quickly with little downtime or potion use. She can up her survivability even more with her self buffs like Ultimate Soulshield, which pumps your defense so high that most monsters can only inflict 1 damage on you for the duration of the buff. If you've gotta reach a monster frolicking amongst more aggressive mobs, you've got your Hook and Sinker skill to snag them from the crowd. You are your own damage dealer, tank, support, and range. No whipper should ever have trouble out in the world/pve.

If you're currently playing a whipper, i doubt you need the confirmation, but i'll say it anyway. You've definitely made the right choice. For the rest of you, hurry up and give it a try! You can download Scarlet Blade right here! Royal Guard faction could certainly use some new Arkana!

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