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Now that you know how to craft your items, you need to start making them yours! They have your name them after all! And while having your autograph might be cool, it's also the only real difference between your items and a rival crafter's items on the market. If you're planning to dominate the market, you're going to have to make your items stand out somehow.

FFXIV gives it's crafters 2 methods of after-craft work for their items. Getting yourself acquainted with them is a great way to come up with your own trademark that players will recognize you for. And what more could a crafter/aspiring merchant ask for?

Materia Melding

As crafters, we're all making the same items but by utilizing materia, crafters may customize the stats of their items a bit. This is a very generous service we can provide, since you can only place Materia into item types your class is able to create. So if that blacksmith you bought your sword from didnt affix any Materia into it and the sword has already been bound to you, unfortunately your sword just won't have materia in it.

There are many types of materia to choose from and no restrictions on what types of materia can go into what equipment type(so long as you're the correct crafting class) so you're really free to pick whichever one you like. Just think of what kind of player might be looking to buy the item you're selling, and then apply the materia that would best suit them in order to better stand out from the others in the auction house.

Heavens' Eye Materia +Accuracy
Savage Aim Materia +Critical Hit Rating
Savage Might Materia +Determination

Battledance Materia +Parry

Gatherer's Guile Materia +Perception

Gatherer's Grasp Materia +GP

Gatherer's Guerdon Materia +Gathering

Craftsman's Competence Materia +Craftsmanship

Craftsman's Cunning Materia +CP
Craftsman's Command Materia +Control

Piety Materia +Piety

Strength Materia +Strength
Dexterity Materia +Dexterity
Intelligence Materia +Intelligence
Mind Materia +Mind
Vitality Materia +Vitality

Quickarm Materia +Skill Speed

Quicktongue Materia +Spell Speed

Earth Materia +Earth Resistance

Lightning Materia +Lightning Resistance
Fire Materia +Fire Resistance
Water Materia +Water Resistance
Ice Materia +Ice Resistance
Wind Materia +Wind Resistance

So far the only real limit I've seen with materia melding is the number of open slots the item has. That's reasonable right? But for all the players that aspire to be a crafter who spits in the face of reason, multimelding is for you! Essentially, multimelding(Advanced Materia Melding), is the act of jamming as much materia into a single slot as you can. It has a horrifically low success rate that halfs itself with each extra materia you manage to meld into your item. Failure nets you the destruction of the materia although not the item. Is it worth the risk? Well loss of perfectly good materia would turn most people off, since it takes time & luck, instead of skill to obtain. The rest of us will eventually end up with rings that have 4~5 materia in them ready to throw them in the auction house for obscene amounts of gil.

Armor Dyeing
Customize that equipment by dyeing it! Since all vendors sell the same colored clothes, dyed items will always be a hit for the level 19 and below players who can't dye their own clothes. Almost all equipment can be dyed, including armors, as long as you have the color you want in your inventory. And it's a quick and easy process so no need to visit any special npcs, as long as you have the dye skill.

Initially when you first learn to dye items, there are many colors available at the vendor. But from the looks of the auction board it seems there are TONS of rare colors and shades to be had. Just knowing they exist leaves you the possibility to gain more customers some day. The vendor may have many dye colors available to everyone, it's those harder colors to obtain that will be bringing the money in. Can't wait to get my hands on some of that brown!

Hopefully with these two methods, we'll see some interesting items available from crafters after release. I'm looking forward to seeing which crafters end up making a name for themselves and which ones I'll be considering rivals! I have a feeling the housing system will be what us crafters can expect for endgame.

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