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Central Thanalan's FATE bosses are more tame than the last area, Western Thanalan, but not by much! These guys still wreck ambitious solo newbies easily! Get yourself a party and hunt them all down!

Something to Prove: Lv5

"Ever since being denied entry into the Pugilists', Gladiators', Lancers', Marauders', and Archers' Guilds, Grishild the Ungood has taken to challenging anyone and everyone to duels, hoping to prove her detractors wrong. Or perhaps she's simply a masochist."

When you arrive on the scene, Grishild the Ungood, has already beaten some poor guy into the ground. The FATE is activated by talking to him. He'll make a strategic retreat and leave the rest to you! Grishild can be a real challenge if you're solo, but you can take her down by making smart decisions with your buffs/selfheals/potions. Watch those cooldowns and you'll easily outlast her. At least until some players show up(sometimes naked) to chip in! Interestingly enough, she is actually the gladiator class and uses gladiator skills on you!

A Warm Welcome: Lv7

"Descended from Coerthas in search of warm stones, a spriggan known in the north as Spitfire is terrorizing the local smallfolk and hoarding precious ores and gems intended for sale to the Goldsmiths' Guild. Give the crafty creature a good cuffing and send him on his way back home."

It's so fluffy! This FATE boss is a gigantic spriggan, a monster usually found in the mines. He doesn't hit very hard and does a lot of flashy moves that don't really hurt. Just don't get caught in his cone aoe and you should be fine. There really isn't much to say about him. He's a freaking dust bunny that eats rocks and gems! If you can get him to stay still, you can see his face in all that fluff!

Cracked: Lv9

"As his colorful moniker suggests, notorious Qiqirn bandit Babaroon Halfshell prefers his prey firm on the outside and runny on the inside─something to keep in mind when he has you in an iron cookpot, boiling over an open flame. Now get cracking before he grows hungry."

Qiqirns gross me out and babaroon Halfshell is no exception. But it's hard to be disgusted when you're bust getting bombarded by attacks from his goons! This FATE takes place in a Qiqirn Spellweaver camp and they're all agressive! Taking on this fight solo is suicidal! Your best bet is to take it slow and eliminate the qiqirns surrounding the camp to make it safe enough to begin the fight. If Babaroon sees you, he will immediately engage so tread lightly. Aside from his size he's no different from regular qiqirns so as long as your fighting area is safe you shouldnt have a problem taking him down.

Leaving the Nest: Lv12

"The nest commander─a giant antling from Hellsbrood Holes─is out hunting again. Volunteers are wanted to see the violent vilekin slain."

As if the ants around you werent big enough! This FATE boss will attack as soon as he sees you so make sure you're ready before you go near. He has a cone shaped aoe attack that shoots acid on all targets in it's range. Definitely face him away from the party if you're tanking him, because acid kind of hurts. Since this whole fight is happening at hellsbrood holes, a gigantic Ant Hill Mountain, there are plenty of ant mobs that will attack you if you get near them. So make sure you keep the boss still!!

Cold-Blooded: Lv14

"A terrible monster, known as Vodyanoi, living in the pools beneath the Unholy Heir has been seen dragging his victims into the water, where he lies upon them until they asphyxiate. One would think that the wavekin then eats his prey, but such is not the case, as the corpses are left to drift in the pools until they are consumed by jackals and carrion crows. Could it be that Vodyanoi kills merely for pleasure!?"

He's a lot bigger than the toad boss from the preview area. Aggressive guards seems to be a theme with the FATE bosses in this area. Vodyanoi is sitting in a lake full of doomtoads who like to use their tongue skill to pull you into their aoe attacks. Vodyanoi is the strongest FATE boss in the area though, so usually there's plenty of players around to take care of the regular mobs. Of course, if you're solo, this fight is going to get a little risky! Luckily the AOE attacks are pretty easy to get out of once you see them coming.

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