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Will there be a Dragon Age MMO at E3 2016?! JorRaptor and Zach Sharpes from T5R discuss the bold E3 2016 prediction.

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Console MMO's are doing really well with Destiny & The Division and EA is always looking at the popular genres and makes games according to that. We saw that with Star Wars The Old Republic and the MOBA Dawngate. Now that console MMO's are super big, they want that as well and why not do it with the Dragon Age franchise. They had Shadow Realms before but that was canceled and also from BioWare.

Someone from Bioware teased a Dragon Age announcement on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BioMarkDarrah/sta...

All the Dragon age games have always been something different:
- Dragon Age Origins: a highly single player RPG with depth and a lot of impact on the story
- Dragon Age 2: a more action like title
- Dragon Age Inquisition: a more MMO like title, with less interesting side quests and a lot of collecting stuff

A console MMO or MMO Hybrid could totally be the next step for the franchise!

What do you think? Would you play a Dragon Age MMO?

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