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Air Rivals is still kicking arse!

I haven't been online at Air Rivel for more than 2 years and let me tell you. Things have changed!

Tha game is full with new updates, from items to monsters, maps to skills. A whole new game (especially for someone that didn't played for the last 2 years).

If you love ships, wars and A LOT of PVP action, give it a try at: http://airrivals.net/user/register/?recruit=C8A743C8FD8F6D250FFA90FD3D0E59A1 ! :D

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Legacy of a Thousand Suns Review/Tutorial

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MMOs nowadays.

Let's talk about MMOs: they're fun, they're crowded, we can easily get addicted to them, there are always updates with more and more content, and everybody loves them!

Now, there are also things that aren't that good about them imho: some of them  are paid, and a lot of people (including myself) don't actually like to pay for a game (notice the diferene between pay for a game software to own it and the well known pay-to-play). Also, a lot of people are stuck on the old "this game is too big to download, too lagged or too heavy for my machine setup" dillema.

What then?

Well there are always the browser MMOs...

"Browser MMOs? Meh! I don't want to spend 3 months to build my empire only for some tough guy come and ruin everything."

Easy now, not all MMOs are persistent strategy worlds with villages being plundered and players rage-quitting afer losing 1 zillion rank spots and lots of time invested. I'm talking about real RPG MMOs here, and I really meant the

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1.7Mb Fun?

Have you ever heard of 1.7Mb fun? If you're an old school gamer probably yes. If you're an MMO addict, chances are 99% of you haven't.

Well in this particular case, I'm talking about Generally. A polygon-style local/multiplayer racing game.

My first contact with Generally was about 7 years ago. I found it scavenging game sites for something new, releases or demos. I really don't know WHY I donwloaded the game after seeing the screenshots, I mean, i didn't knew. And then I played it.

Seriously, if you look at a game and you "judge de book by it's cover" you'll see yourself stuck playing the samme 4-5 games for years, fooling yourself with is 1-2 star replay factor. Generally doesn't have high-end graphics (no, he won't need your PhysX neither the other 3 cores of your processor), but he kicks ass. I stoped playing it like 1 year ago, today I decided to play it again and (with no surprise) I saw that the game has not only endured the years but it's community grew bigger

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