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Hi-Rez Studios has released SMITE Tactis lastest patch CB 0.17 When in Rome featuring Roman pantheon. Bellona become leader when Cupid, Hercules, and Terra become units.

Roman Leader

Bellona: Leader, 1/25, Ability: 2 Mana, Give all Friendlies you deploy this turn +0/+2.

Roman Units

Accensus: Common, 3 Mana, 3/3, If adjacent to a Friendly, attacks hit all adjacent Enemies.

Ballista Tower: Free, 2 Mana, 0/5, Warcry: Choose an Area to attack. The tower attacks this area at the start of each of your turns.

Cupid: Free, 4 Mana, 4/2, Warcry: Choose a Non-Leader Enemy. When Cupid dies the target Enemy will also die.

Gallus: Rare, 4 Mana, 1/6, All adjacent Friendlies gain Immune: Enemy Spells.

Gladiator: Rare, 4 Mana, 4/4, Your Leader Ability costs 1 less while this unit is in play. This does not stack.

Hercules: Free, 5 Mana, 2/8, Gains +1 Attack every time he is Damaged.

Mercenary: Legendary, 1 Mana, 1/1 with Charge. Passive: Gains +1/+1 for every Friendly adjacent to your Leader.

Sagittarius: Epic, 5 Mana, 2/3, Ranged, Warcry: Spawn a random Roman with cost 3 or less.

Terra: Rare, 6 Mana, 6/6, Warcry: Select a Row. Deal 2 and Stun all enemies on that row at the start of your next turn.

Thracian: Free, 2 Mana, 1/3, Gains +1/+0 if adjacent to 1 or more Friendlies.

Venator: Free, 3 Mana, 3/2, Ranged, If adjacent to a Friendly, Venator takes no return damage.

Roman Spells

Armaments: Common, 3 Mana, Draw Cards until you have the same number as your opponent.

Bulwark: Common, 2 Mana, Give your Leader Guard until your next turn.

Demoralize: Free, 2 Mana, Reduce the Attack of all Enemies by 2 until your next turn.

Dishonorable: Common, 1 Mana, Deal 2 Damage to all Enemies who are not adjacent to other enemies.

Enlist: Epic, 5 Mana, Deal 3 Damage to a Non-Leader Enemy and spawn a Venator.

March: Free, 2 Mana, All Romans gain +2 Movements and +1/+0 until the end of your turn.

Promote: Free, 3 Mana, Give +0/+2 to all Friendlies in Target Area.

Leaders Balance Changes

Freya: Increased Health from 20 to 25.

Guan Yu: Increased Health from 20 to 25.

Isis: Increased Health from 18 to 23.

Nu Wa: Reduced Mana Cost of her ability from 2 to 1. She can now only target one tile with her ability. Increased Health from 18 to 23.

Odin: Increased Health from 20 to 25.

Poseidon: Increased Health from 20 to 25.

Ra: Increased Health from 18 to 23.

Zeus: Increased Health from 18 to 23.

Units and Spells Balance Changes

Bastet: Reduced health from 3 to 2.

Bull Demon King: Increased Health from 5 to 6.

Chan’ge: Heal reduced from 2 to 1.

Fanwei: Reduced Attack from 5 to 4. Reduced Health from 3 to 2. New Passive: Immune: Enemy Spells.

Fire Imp: Increased Mana Cost from 1 to 2.

Fist of the Gods: Increased Mana Cost from 0 to 1.

Khepri: Reduced Health from 7 to 6.

Magma Slam: Increased Mana Cost from 2 to 3.

Scion of Doom: Can no longer target Leaders with his Warcry.

Stone of Gaia: Reduced Mana Cost from 4 to 3.

Weakening Curse: Reduced Mana Cost from 1 to 0.

Learn more about SMITE Tactics CB 0.17 When in Rome patch on the official site.

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