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Riot Games has announced Galio champion update in 7.6 patch will release in later this month. New Moo Cow Alistar, Pug'Maw, Super Kennen, and Renektoy skins, four new sets of chroma, and an updated base Lux voiceover also has arrived in Public Beta Environment server.

Galio Champion Update

Passive: Colossal Smash

Galio's next basic attack deals bonus magic damage in an area, scaling with his bonus attack damage and magic resist. Colossal Smash's cooldown is reduced whenever Galio's spells hit a unique champion (once per spell).

Q: Winds of War

Galio fires two gusts of wind that deal magic damage. Where the windblasts converge, a vortex that deals additional damage is formed, including bonus damage based on the target's max health.

W: Shield of Durand (Passive)

If Galio avoids taking damage for a moderate period, he gains a shield that absorbs magic damage.

(Hold): Holding down the W key causes Galio to enter a defensive stance, gaining damage reduction but moving significantly slower. This channel can't be interrupted even if Galio gets hit with a crowd-control spell.

(Release): When W is released, Galio taunts nearby enemy champions. The taunt's range and duration extend based on how long he remained in a defensive stance.

E: Justice Punch

Galio hops back to wind up for an epic haymaker. After a brief delay, he charges forward, dealing magic damage to enemies and knocking them up. Galio's charge stops upon colliding with a champion or terrain.

R: Hero's Entrance

Galio designates an ally's current position as his landing spot, granting them Shield of Durand's damage reduction for a few seconds. He then leaps high into the air, torpedoing to the place his targeted ally was when Galio activated Hero's Entrance. When he lands, he deals magic damage to all enemies in the area and knocks them up. The knockup lasts longer for those in the center of the landing zone.

Galio Updated Skins


Enchanted Galio

Hextech Galio

Commando Galio

Gatekeeper Galio

Debonair Galio

New Champion Skins

Moo Cow Alistar (975 RP)

Moo Cow Alistar will be 975 RP and includes:

New model and texture - A cow onesie!
New particles for Pulverize (Q), Trample (E) and Unbreakable Will (R) - While his ult may imply he's in a meadow, we hope you wouldn't actually put him out to pasture in the bot lane. :)
New SFX for his recall and dance animations - You always need more cowbell!
New recall and dance animations - A visit from Meowkai's saplings! Oh, and moar cowbell!

Pug'Maw (975 RP)

Pug'Maw will be 975 RP and includes:

New model and texture! -- Soulful eyes and a soft fur coat!
All-new particles! Splashes of doggy drool!
New idle/recall SFX! Yips and pants of a playful pup!
New recall animation! Squeaky toy, he's such a good boy!

Super Kennen (750 RP)

Super Kennen will be 750 RP and includes:

New model and texture! -- Who is this mysterious masked yordle?!
New Q and basic attack particles! -- He wields an electric blue energy bolt!

Renektoy (750 RP)

Renektoy will be 750 RP and includes:

New model and texture! -- A body of bright building blocks!
New ult VFX! -- Swirling, powder blue dust!
New death SFX! -- The plastic tumbling of a broken toy!

New Skin Chroma

Moo Cow Alistar


Dino Gnar

Surprise Party Amumu

Updated Lux Base Voiceover

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