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The League of Legends 2017 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) tournament begins on April 28. Riot Games has announced 2017 Mid-Season Invitational schedule. Don’t miss any of the regional clashes by checking out the schedule below.

Note: All dates and times are in Brazil local time / Brasília Time (BRT). Match times listed below are estimates pending final time to complete matches.

Play-In Stage

Before the Play-In Stage begins, 8 teams from Round 1 are randomly sorted into two groups of 4 during the MSI 2017 Play-In Draw Show on April 19 at 8:00 PM BRT. We’ll release the full match schedule for the Play-In Stage, Round 1 immediately after the Play-In Draw Show.

All Play-In Stage matches start at 3:00 PM BRT each day at CBLOL Studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

Round 1 (April 28-May 1):

In the first round, each group will play a Best of 1 (Bo1) double round robin which means they play everyone in their group twice. Each day will feature 6 games from one groups.

Round 2 (May 3-4):

The winners from the two groups in Round 1 will advance and be randomly paired to face-off against either North America or LMS in a Bo5. One Bo5 match takes place per day and winners advance to the Group Stage.

Round 3 (May 6):

The losers of Round 2 will face-off in Bo5 to qualify for the Group Stage.

Group Stage

The Group Stage takes place at the Jeunesse Arena (formerly Rio Arena) in Rio de Janeiro. Three teams will advance from Play-In Stage, those teams are listed as Play-In A, Play-In B, and Play-In C. These placeholders are used for reference only and do not correspond to where a team will be placed due to performance in the Play-In. We will confirm the final Group Stage schedule immediately after the conclusion of the Play-In Stage.

May 10:

Opening Ceremony - 3:00 PM
Europe vs. Korea - 3:30 PM
China vs. Play-In C - 4:30 PM
Play-In A vs. Play-In B - 5:30 PM
Play-In C vs. Europe - 6:30 PM
Korea vs. Play-In A - 7:30 PM
Play-In B vs. China - 8:30 PM

May 11:

Korea vs. Play-In B - 3:00 PM
Play-In A vs. Play-In C - 4:00 PM
Europe vs. China - 5:00 PM
Play-In C vs. Play-In B - 6:00 PM
Play-In A vs. Europe - 7:00 PM
China vs. Korea - 8:00 PM

May 12:

Europe vs. Play-In B - 3:00 PM
Korea vs. Play-In C - 4:00 PM
Play-In A vs. China - 5:00 PM
Europe vs. Play-In C - 6:00 PM
Play-In A vs. Korea - 7:00 PM
China vs. Play-In B - 8:00 PM

May 13:

Play-In C vs. Korea - 3:00 PM
Play-In B vs. Play-In A - 4:00 PM
China vs. Europe - 5:00 PM
Europe vs. Play-In A - 6:00 PM
Play-In B vs. Korea - 7:00 PM
Play-In C vs. China - 8:00 PM

May 14:

Korea vs. Europe - 3:00 PM
Play-In B vs. Play-In C - 4:00 PM
China vs. Play-In A - 5:00 PM
Play-In B vs. Europe - 6:00 PM
Play-In C vs. Play-In A - 7:00 PM
Korea vs. China - 8:00 PM

Knockout Stage:

The Knockout Stage is a single elimination, Best of 5 (Bo5) bracket that will be determined by the Group Stage results. The Knockout Stage takes place on May 19-21 with a Bo5 series per day starting at 3:00 PM BRT each day at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

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