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NCSOFT has been update Master X Master website with 2 new masters: Koom and Vonak. Koom is a front-line juggernaut with a kit full of defensive and support skills, and the ability to stay in the fight with shields, self-healing, and damage ignore. And Vonak is a stance-swapping gunslinger that can switch from straight-on fast damage to constant knockbacks in an instant while resetting your heat gauge and increasing your offensive buffs.


Name: Koom

Gender: Rock
Race: Akumite
Occupation: Guardian of Akum
Quote: Koom… remains…


Though their bodies have the capacity to deflect the brunt of most weapon strikes, the vast majority of Akumites are pacifists. Their people are easy-going, placing the values of life and wisdom above all else. Koom belongs to a specific sect of the Akumites knowns as Guardians--the only of their race capable of combat. On the rare occasion that they view conflict as a necessity, Akumites call upon their Guardians to protect them. In recent years, Akum found itself growing dangerously low on SOLON (which Akumites feed upon to survive). The Amaari reached out to them, advising that Earth had an abundance of this precious resource. As a Guardian, Koom was sent to investigate. He now serves as a Master on the Dredgion to aid the Earthlings in reclaiming their home and establish a line of SOLON for Akum.


Runeslab Barricade: Koom causes a slab of stone to burst from the target area, blocking enemy attacks and acting as a movement obstruction. Nearby monsters will be forced to attack the wall. Lasts 7 seconds. [Collapse] Reuse the skill to collapse the wall.

Crashing Defense: Charge a short distance, shielding yourself and allies at the end of your charge. Shield persists through tagging.

Magnetic Barrier: Creates a charged field of stones in front of Koom that blocks projectiles.

Unstable Shell: Surrounds Koom in a shield that absorbs damage. The shield will explode if destroyed, or if the duration runs out, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area around Koom. Deals additional damage based on damage absorbed prior to detonating. Shield persists through tagging.

Impervious Stone: Koom becomes undying for 4 seconds, after which he recovers 20% of his maximum HP, plus bonus HP based on damage taken while undying.

Unstoppable Will: Koom gains Will when he deals or receives damage. Koom heals 3% of his total HP and gains CC immunity for 1 second on skill activation.

Granite Sheath: The exterior of Koom's flesh becomes coated in a thin layer of granite, absorbing the next 400 damage. For 2 seconds, Koom gains 15% movespeed. The movespeed bonus is lost if the shield breaks. Recovers 20 will.


Name: Vonak
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Fixer
Quote: Everything is possible… for a price.


A Freelance Fixer, Vonak will deliver your mail or assassinate your enemies… for a fee. While no job is too small, he tends to settle differences between independent parties and acts as an intermediary measure for disagreements within the Reclamation Fleets... somewhat outside the confines of the law. Though rumor has it he was once a hitman for a mysterious organization, he refuses to devulge information about his past, and won’t confirm or deny anything. He boarded the Dredgion to deliver a capsule, and didn’t plan to stay. Vonak was apprehended upon trying to leave the Dredgion, and was given an option by Imadath--Work as a Master, or be imprisoned for his unlawful activities. While Vonak agreed to assist the Masters, he still carries out jobs on the side, going mostly unnoticed or overlooked by authorities due to his new Master status.


Unload: [Effect] Unleashes a barrage of bullets in front of Vonak [Stance Change] Rapidly fires both guns in a line directly ahead of Vonak. Swapping to this stance resets overheat.

Spray Pattern: [Effect] Fires a wide arc of shots that strikes multiple targets. [Stance Change] Fires bullets in a cone that gradually widens and narrows over time. Swapping to this stance resets overheat.

Whipshot: [Effect] Vonak fires a slew of bullets that follow a curved trajectory. [Stance Change] Fires curved shots that twist through the air. Swapping to this stance resets overheat.

Slamshot: [Effect] Fires a burst of shots that knocks targets back. [Stance Change] Slowly fires powerful bursts that knock enemies back. Swapping to this stance resets overheat.

Hail of Bullets: Vonak jumps into the air and sprays bullets in an area under him. Vonak is able to move and is immune to enemy attacks while Hail of Bullets is active.

Gunslinger: [Firing Stance] Using skills changes Vonak's stance and ammunition, transforming his weapon attack method. Changing firing stances resets Vonak's overheat gauge. [Stance Dance] Repeatedly changing stances within a short period of time gives stacking bonuses, up to 3 times. Each stance change increases MP cost. Stage 1: +20% movespeed. Stage 2: +50% weapon projectile speed. Stage 3: +20% weapon

Slide Tackle: Slides 6.7m and knocks down enemies you collide with.

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