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Nexon's mobile title Gunpie Adventure has soft-launched in Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Macau, and Singapore. A global launch will take place later this year on both iOS and Android devices.

Gunpie Adventure combines modern FPS experience with RPG elements in a fast-paced action adventure game. Player will hunt for artifacts & survive endless waves of monsters to defeat the evil Sirius.


Arcade is Back!

- Intuitive controls and gameplay mechanics
- Real 3D shooting – Fast reactions & clever timing decide your fate
- Endless hordes of ancient monsters in over 200 stages!
- Unique boss battles in ancient ruins around the world!

Mind-blowing Adventure
- Unique boss battles in ancient ruins around the world!
- Team up with unique characters to defeat the evil force!
- Full voice-over by Hollywood’s best
- Ride through epic sites of ancient civilizations - Greece, Egypt, South America, and China!

The Expertise to Survive
- Master your aiming skills & your weapon power – you will need both
- Collect ancient artifacts and transfer their magic powers to strengthen your team!
- Chose your vehicle & fight from a racing car, a jeep or a tank!

Various Game Modes
- Compete against players from all around the world in Chase Battle
- Test your limits in Challenge Mode
- Collect legendary PIE Stones in Excavation
- Enjoy the perfect mix of jaw-dropping action and immersive story in Exploration


- Official site: http://gpa.nexon.com/
- App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1175208407
- Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nexon.gunpie

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